Emily Nguyen

Faculty supervisor: Bryan Jones, Sean Theriault, and Maraam Dwidar
Name of project: Textbooks to Test scores: The Evolution of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Please give a brief, simplified overview of your research project.
I examined the relationship between the President’s State of the Union address to the amount of federal mandates in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act through a keyword text analysis to further understand the relationship between presidential priorities and education policy.

Ziyue Dong

Name of project:
Reduced Graphene Oxide / Poly (Acrylic Acid) (rGO-PAA) Electrode Architectures for
Lithium-ion Batteries
Faculty supervisor: C. Buddie Mullins, Ph.D

Daniela Diaz

Bio: Daniela was born in El Paso, but when she turned seven years old, she moved to South West Austin which is where she was raised. She chose to be a Bilingual education major because she grew up as a simultaneous bilingual and thinks that it is very important that all children learn two languages. She also feels that children are hilarious and loves the idea that every day will bring a new adventure!
Fun Fact: She has played about 13 different sports in the past 15 years

Icela Lee

Bio: Icela ia a senior Economics major from Katy, Texas. She chose to pursue an education in Economics because it pushes her to think critically about a problem and find a solution or trend. She’s also the President of Texas Rotaract, a Rotary International branch on campus, and has been awarded an Award of Excellence in French. She hopes to pursue a career in Marketing or Business Development.

Eric Moe

Bio: Eric Moe is a designer. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and against all predictions, he is studying design and computer science at The University of Texas at Austin. Professionally, Eric has designed everything from magazine spreads to vehicle wraps to outdoor billboards. You may have encountered his design work with UT Liberal Arts, Longhorn Startup, and Capital Factory. As a Blackstone Ambassador, Eric is interested in connecting students with entrepreneurial and design resources around campus.