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Media, Culture & Identities

Please note: The Media, Culture & Identities BDP is no longer accepting applications as of spring 2018. If you are a student wishing to discuss how your interests might align with another BDP, please contact the BDP office to schedule an appointment.

Media, Culture & Identities offers ways to ask questions relevant to our everyday encounters with differences and similarities, power and oppression, values and desires, pain and pleasure. Media, Culture & Identities analyzes images, artifacts, narratives, place, and identities (including genders, sexualities, race, abilities, nationalities, and other social received markers), and their construction of social life. Its interdisciplinary approach offers methodologies with which to study culture defined in the broadest possible sense, from high art (museums, symphonies, theatre), to sports and leisure activities, to the practices of everyday life—all understood within a variety of social, historical, and geographic contexts.

For a complete list of courses and requirements, download the Media, Culture & Identities BDP curriculum sheet (PDF)

Students focus their certificate through one of three strands

  • Identities, Communities & Place
  • Games, Sports & Media
  • Popular Culture & Power


With 19 credit hours of coursework and Connecting Experiences, students may earn a BDP certificate in Media, Culture & Identities.

Courses counting toward a BDP in Media, Culture & Identities may also satisfy core, major, and elective requirements in a student’s degree plan. With planning, the BDP should not add time to students’ UT careers, but instead helps students choose the courses they already have to take in an integrated way.

Foundation Courses [4-7 hours]

  • Forum Seminar
  • Additional Foundation Course
  • Optional Theory/Methods Course

Courses in a Strand [6-9 hours]

  • Identities, Communities, and Place
  • Games, Sports, and Media
  • Popular Culture and Power

Connecting Experiences [6 hours]

BDP advisors assist students in finding meaningful connecting research and/or internship experiences related to Media, Culture & Identities. For examples of Connecting Experiences Media, Culture & Identities students have completed in the past, read these Connecting Experience spotlights.

Integration Essay

3-4 page essay written at the end of the BDP experience, drawing together the different pieces of the BDP.

Faculty Panel

An interdisciplinary faculty panel helps students choose courses, participate in faculty research projects, and find internships with local cultural organizations, from museums and theatres to film societies and oral history projects.