Mamadou Balde

Mamadou is originally from Guinea, a country of West Africa. He left home and came to the US at the age of twelve to further his educations. He is the founder of Mamba Inspire, a motivational speaking organization providing a platform for minority students to share their story. He is a co-founder of Women’s Relief Initiative, an organization providing feminine hygiene products to impoverished woman in Africa.

What does Entrepreneurship mean to you? Entrepreneurship gives me the ability to think with no limits and act with no boundaries.

Alay Shah

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Anna Sorace
Name of Project: Quantifying trastuzumab and chemotherapy-induced cellular alterations in a longitudinal study of HER2+ breast cancer

Ibukun Oladejo

Bio: Ibukun is a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin who is extremely passionate about the ways creativity and diversity intersect with entrepreneurship. She wants to find ways to create more resources and safe spaces for women of color to build businesses and explore their entrepreneurial curiosities. She is in charge of marketing and diversity for the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency and is also the associate director of the Exhibition Room for UT’s upcoming senior fashion show, “Dimension”.

Rohan Trivedi

Bio: Rohan is a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin studying finance and management information systems at the McCombs School of Business. He recently had the opportunity to intern with a private investment and venture capital firm in Dallas. Through this experience he was able to develop a strong understanding of problems that early business face, as well as the ability to critically analyze situations while creating sound solutions.