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Tips on Staying Motivated Before Finals

As the semester winds down and work begins to pile up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help you stay on track, our Undergraduate Studies Council teamed up to share their favorite tips on how to stay focused during this busy time of year.

Don’t study in your dorm
Studying in your dorm is dangerous! Visit the study lounge or go to the library instead. Otherwise, it’s way too easy to be distracted by your phone, TV, Xbox, or roommate. Don’t forget: the PCL is open 24/7 with your UT ID for late night study sessions!
      -Representative Michael Pontikes, Freshman

Start your day earlier
You feel SO MUCH BETTER on the weekends and dead days if you get to the library in the morning instead of the afternoon. Try not to sleep in (although it’s very tempting!) and get an early start. It honestly makes a world of difference.
      -President David Jessey, Sophomore

Keep your goals in mind
In all the chaos that is college—attending class, late night H-E-B runs, joining clubs, studying, having a social life—it can be easy to lose focus on what you set out to do. I like to take a couple of minutes each day to block out the whole world, close my eyes, and imagine myself accomplishing what needs to get done. If I picture myself doing something, then I’m more confident that it will happen.
      -Treasurer Dulce Trejo, Sophomore

Block out distractions
Limit distractions as much as possible so you can get the most out of your study session. Put your phone in your backpack so you won’t be tempted. Work with someone who will keep you on track. Download a web extension to block websites that distract you.
      -Representative Michael Pontikes, Freshman

Know when to stop
At some point in your study session, you’ll reach a point where you just can’t get any more work done. Don’t be afraid to stop studying for the day, move on to a different topic, or simply take a break.
      -Vice President Stephen Nachazel, Sophomore

Don’t forget to sleep
It’s totally understandable if projects and papers pile up and you have a lot to catch up on, but you have to remember you are human and you need those zzz’s.
      -Treasurer Dulce Trejo, Sophomore

Have more study-related questions? Make an appointment with a learning specialist at the Sanger Learning Center.

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