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Announcing the 2021 Longhorn Research Poster Session Award Winners

As part of Research Week 2021, the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) hosted the annual Longhorn Research Poster Session as an online event April 14-15. Students presented more than 130 research posters on interdisciplinary topics ranging from government to medicine to molecular biology. The top presenters were selected for $2,000, $1,000, and $500 awards. Judges also selected a $500 poster design award winner and UT undergraduates voted for a $1,000 audience choice award.

Each academic college participating in the event nominated students as finalists for poster presentation awards. These students spoke with judges via Zoom, fielded questions, and elaborated on their work as they would at an in-person poster session. Students were judged on statements of their research problems and methodology, their results and conclusions, and the poster design and oral discussion. The awards were made possible by a generous gift from Kimberly and Scott Martin.

For this year’s virtual event, presenters uploaded images of their posters, with some also providing audio descriptions and videos. Students also met with attendees on Zoom to have in-depth conversations about their work. More than 3,000 visitors from across the world, including India, Canada, and Ireland, viewed the posters almost 10,000 times during the event.

This event was part of Research Week 2021, the university-wide celebration of student research and creative activity. This year’s other virtual Research Week events include the April 26-27 Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP) Poster Session. Research Week and the Longhorn Research Poster Session are sponsored by Kimberly and Scott Martin, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the Senate of College Councils.

Poster Presentation Awards

First Place ($2,000)
Kristine Adiele, Lauren Cebulske, Livia Frost, Kristian Jones & Siddha Sannigrahi, Alexandra García, PhD, RN, FAAN, Julie Zuñiga, PhD, RN, FAAN
The Impact of COVID-19 on The Self-Management of Individuals with Chronic Conditions

Second Place ($1,000)
Gabrielle McDaniel, Shalom Akinwunmi, Velta Brenya, Liesl Nydegger PhD, MPH
Superwomen Schema: Uncovering Repercussions of Coping Strategies Used Among Black Women

Third Place ($500)
Nima Rahman
BoJack Horseman: A Narrative Analysis of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Honorable Mention
Phoebe Anderson, Tehila Nugiel, Jessica A. Church
Executive function in non-clinical siblings of diagnosed adolescents

Natalie Blandon, Paola Kauachi, Katherine Winters, ABD, CCC-SLP, Courtney T. Byrd, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
The influence of parent goals on parent-child communicative exchanges: A preliminary investigation

Erica Colston
State Public Signaling: Assassination After the Attack

John Erard
Mapping the Reparto de Tierras in Michoacán, Mexico (1868 – 1929)

Isabella Joseph, Trevor Simmons
Modeling Csr System and BarA/UvrY Two Component System (TCS) in response to stress

Alexandra Kader
Intersectional Ana Mendieta: Embodying, Depicting, and Supporting Intersectionality

Alizer Khowaja and Matt Dean
Emissions Impact of Repurposed Electric Vehicle Batteries in Residential Settings

Hannah Lee, Jared Culpepper
Detecting and Classifying Strokes Using Electrical Impedance Tomography

Evan Shimek
Laws Restricting Worker Collectivization and their Effects on Quality of Life: Evidence from the United States

Iynkary Warren
Issue Ownership During and After the Great Broadening (1950s–1970s)

Audience Award ($1,000)
Holli F. Corbo
Synthesis of a Chemical Probe for RNA Aptamer

Poster Design Award ($500)
Aniket Sanghi, Yifan Zhou, Brendan P. Bowler
Reference Star Differential Imaging of the PDS70 System with HST/WFC3 Images

Honorable Mention
Alizer Khowaja and Matt Dean
Emissions Impact of Repurposed Electric Vehicle Batteries in Residential Settings

Hannah Lee, Jared Culpepper
Detecting and Classifying Strokes Using Electrical Impedance Tomography

Minha Ghani, B.S.; Tapasvini Paralkar, B.S.; Abel Sandoval Gonzalez; Sawyer Stubbs, B.S.A; Syed Hadi Ahmed; Nico Osier, Ph.D., B.S.N., B.S., R.N.
Concordance Levels In Pediatric And Parent Proxy Responses To PROMIS Surveys

Fadi Istelinides, Tse-Ang Lee, Tanya Hutter
Simulating Adsorption of COVID-19 Virus Particles in Nanoporous Material

Isabella Joseph, Cassandra Huff, Mikayla Waters, Sophia Xu and Niruti Dhoble
Designing a makeshift emergency ventilator to address ventilator shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic

Angie Kaufman
Shifting Towards Sustainability: A Proposal for How to Cultivate More Sustainable Decision-Making

Maydha Kohli
Design of a Solar Tree for Dallas, Texas

Aditi Merchant, Alaukik Gupta, Angela Ge, Conrad Li, David Park, Gwyneth Obediente, Justin Shih, Katy De La Rosa, Leia Jiang, Matthew De Guzman, Nehali Shah, Sabah Jamal, Tyler Tran
Automated Leukemia Detection: A Low-Cost, All-In-One Method to Detect Leukemia from Blood Smear Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Janice Oh and Dr. Soo Hyun Yang
Identifying the Site of CDX2 That Prevents Proper DNA Repair

Nicholas J. Romanow
NATO in the Asian Century: How the Rise of China Impacts the Transatlantic Alliance

Evan Samsky
The Soviet Stolovaya and 1991: A culture of food assistance during and after the USSR

Joyce Tiong
Changing Neighborhoods: The Demographics of Displacement in Austin

Abhinav Vetcha, Philip Tan
Monte Carlo Simulation to Determine Arterial Blood Volume

Afnan Mir, Matthew Yu
Investigation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms for Multistring Photovoltaics