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Undergraduate Researchers Awarded

For the third year, the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) has granted Student Researcher Awards to support two undergraduates as they enrich their current academic studies and develop future careers. The awards allow students to participate in research opportunities regardless of their financial resources.

This year’s recipients were Sofia Rojas Ruiz, an astronomy and physics senior, and Ishaana Talesara, an economics and mathematics senior. Rojas Ruiz will present her research on newly discovered galaxies using data from the Hubble Space Telescope at a conference hosted by the University of Melbourne in Australia. Talesara will continue her research on divorce rates among immigrant populations. These students were selected from a large field of highly recommended applicants with strong records of achievement who show tremendous potential as scholars.

“The students recognized with this year’s Student Researcher Awards are working in different disciplines and on very different projects, but they share a passion for research and discovery. Both have taken advantage of their time at UT by engaging in and advancing the research mission of the university,” said Jeanette Herman, Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives in the School of Undergraduate Studies. “We are pleased to recognize and support the work of these promising students through these awards.”

The OUR Student Researcher Awards are offered every spring by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

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