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Newsletter—May 2020

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Supporting Students During COVID-19

COVID-19 poses a risk for young adults and college students could face significant mental health consequences during this time. In this brief, professors Yolanda Padilla and Susan De Luca address students’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and what research shows about how young people process distress and what they need. Selected resources to inform responsive teaching are provided. Read More.

Signature Course Advisory Committee

Please join us in welcoming three new members to the SCAC beginning in summer 2020! Read More.

2020 Information Literacy Awards

The University of Texas Libraries have announced the winners of the 2020 Signature Course Information Literacy Award. Read More.

Virtual Classroom Tips From SHIFT

To help instructors envision what student wellness could look like in their online courses, SHIFT offers tips and recommendations to bring the 40 Assets into the virtual classroom. Read More.

Mental Health Resources for Students

Resources for student mental health, substance use concerns, and holistic wellness that you may share in your classes. Read More.