Claire Slote

Senior nursing major Claire Slote’s experience in an antibiotics lab—alongside the Undergraduate Research Fellowship that supported her work—have allowed her to experience first-hand the positive impact of undergraduate research experience on nursing education. “If nurses understand why [new] protocols exist, they’re more likely to implement them,” Slote said. “This is why it’s important to understand the research and the evidence behind [these new protocols and practices].”

Valeria Montemayor

Valeria Montemayor created an animated comic named Skull-Kidz!, which gave her the chance to combine animation and comic books in a unique way that allowed her to expand her skills as a digital artist. She also had the opportunity to engage with an online audience, write her own scripts, and build her portfolio.

Jennifer Agwagom

Jennifer conducted independent research exploring the effects that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have on the birth outcome of an infant from a mother with a high ACE score. This allowed her to examine potential generational trends and highlight the need for early intervention and prevention in children’s health.

Brittney van der Woude

Brittney van der Woude completed an internship with Circle of Health International in Austin, where she served as an executive assistant to the founder of the organization. She helped to organize and plan the “In Her Shoes” campaign, in addition to other tasks. This experience allowed Brittney to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of pregnant women living in crisis zones.

Natasha Stewart

What has been the most surprising aspect of your job?
Working at the Sanger Center has been extremely beneficial to me as a student – something that I was not expecting. My experiences as a tutor have helped me to improve my own study habits, set realistic goals for improvement, and reach out for help when needed.

Vik Shirvaikar

What has been the most surprising aspect of your job?
I’m always surprised by how helpful it can be to just hear different people explain the same thing. Often when students find something confusing, they know everything they need to know – they just need to hear it all put together differently. In that case, I try to have other students explain it, or find an angle myself that may not have been presented in class, and this almost never fails.

Matthew Morones

What has been the most surprising aspect of your job?
The most surprising characteristic of my job is the different people and projects you have the chance to work with. I have had the chance to work in collaboration with the great staff of Sanger such as, Rachel, Ed and Pam. They are wonderful people that have given me opportunities that have made my college experience much more meaningful. I came in here to tutor, and now I am a part of several projects and programs. This has been my favorite job by far.