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Alumni Association

The Association was formed by members of PBK, those elected at the Alpha of Texas and throughout the country, to promote the academic values of the society in Austin and the surrounding region. In addition to organizing social and intellectual events, including a lecture and reception twice a year, the Alumni Association annually awards scholarships for local high school students who will soon enter college and for adult students who are returning to college to complete their B.A. or B.S. degrees. The Association welcomes any PBK member living in Austin to join.

Students elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Texas who will be living in Austin after graduation are invited to join the PBK Alumni Association in Austin with no initial membership fee.

Learn more about the history and bylaws of the PBK Alumni Association. Become a member of the Austin Alumni Association.

Visit the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Great Austin.

Students moving to other metropolitan areas are welcome to join alumni associations throughout the United States for intellectual engagement and professional networking opportunities.