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Mission Statement

The Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDPs) create and coordinate interdisciplinary certificate programs that support students in applying the perspectives and tools of multiple disciplines to complex issues and questions. Through courses and experiences that focus on an interdisciplinary topic, students learn disciplinary and interdisciplinary awareness, integrative thinking and hands-on application of knowledge and skills, and self-reflection.

Learning Objectives

Disciplinary and interdisciplinary awareness

  • Students will learn about the tools and perspectives offered by different disciplines, as well as about the benefits and challenges of bringing these perspectives together to study a given topic.

Integrative thinking and hands-on application of knowledge and skills

  • Students will develop their ability to think comparatively, to transfer knowledge and skills from one context to another, and to apply what they learn in the classroom in hands-on research or internship experiences.

Individual reflection and self-assessment

  • Students will be supported in reflecting on their interests, strengths, and goals, and in making the most of the wealth of resources available at UT Austin for them to pursue their goals.