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Creative Project

To have a successful creative project Connecting Experience, make sure to

  • Plan ahead so you can meet deadlines
  • Keep in touch with your BDP advisor to discuss your plans

Self Assessment

  • Clarify your interest and objectives relative to your BDP topic
  • Use our creative project planning guide
  • Reflect on your existing and developing skills
  • Think about your goals for your digital portfolio

Defining a Creative Project

  • The creative project is an interactive and/or animated project that uses digital media and technology to create an innovative work of digital art.
  • To execute the creative project students draw upon the skills and knowledge developed in BDP coursework.
  • Students work under the supervision of a faculty mentor, and the faculty mentor should have skills and expertise relevant to the creative project. The BDP office may ask you to have a secondary mentor if needed to support your project.
  • Digital Arts & Media students only are required to complete a creative project Connecting Experience.
  • This creative project should be a capstone piece in a student’s digital portfolio.


  • Students may work in pairs or teams on a creative project, as long as each student has a distinct and individual role in the project.
  • Students may collaborate with peers who are not enrolled in the Digital Arts & Media BDP.

Students interested in working on a team-based game development project for the creative project should consider applying to the Game Development Capstone Course.


Connecting Experiences give you the opportunity to customize your BDP certificate. Some Digital Arts & Media creative projects have focused on storytelling and character design for digital games, building user interfaces and designs for mobile apps, interactive infographics and news stories, or large-scale installations and projections. To learn about what other students have done in the past, read these Connecting Experience spotlights.