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Core Curriculum

The Undergraduate College is responsible for the Core Curriculum requirements for all students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

The 42-hour Core Curriculum begins with a common intellectual experience known as the first-year Signature Course and includes coursework in eight component areas. Visit the requirements page to learn more about your options to complete each component area.

Core Component Area Semester Credit Hours
First-Year Signature Course (Texas Core Code 090) Course should be taken during the student’s first year enrolled at the university. 3
English Composition and Core Writing Flag (Texas Core Code 010). 6
Humanities (Texas Core Code 040). 3
US and Texas Government (Texas Core Code 070). 6
US History (Texas Core Code 060). 6
Social & Behavioral Sciences (Texas Core Code 080). 3
Mathematics (Texas Core Code (020). 3
Natural Science & Technology, Part I (Texas Core Code 030). 6
Natural Science & Technology, Part II (Texas Core Code 093). 3
Visual and Performing Arts (Texas Core Code 050). 3
Total number of semester credit hours 42

These requirements allow students to put their major coursework into a broader intellectual context and understand how other disciplines raise and answer important questions. The Core Curriculum also facilitates the exploration of prospective majors and can serve as a foundation for more advanced coursework within the major.

The Core Curriculum at The University of Texas at Austin has over 400 different courses offered by almost every college and school on campus across a wide range of disciplines. It provides a breadth of knowledge that prepares students to adapt and cope with the rapid change that exists today and produces responsible citizens and future leaders.