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Tower Seminar Rooms

We are extremely proud of our elegantly-designed seminar rooms in the Tower. Representing the first phase First-year Seminar Center, these renovated classrooms offer new students a memorable small-class experience in the heart of campus.

  • Furnished with handcrafted elliptical tables with the head of the table at a midpoint for emphasis on discussion
  • Intimate space designed to hold 15-18 students comfortably
  • Sound-proofing to provide a buffer from discussion in the next room
  • Touch panel controls built into each table to provide discrete but superior technology with a lack of clutter
  • Architectural details true to the original Life Science Library design

“These rooms are dedicated to learning through discussion, recitation and dialogue. They are expressly designed to put students in eye-to-eye contact with each other and with a professor. They are sized for discussion; only in groups smaller than 18 can every student be heard effectively during a class period.”

Dean Paul Woodruff