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Recipients of the Cale McDowell Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Studies

  • 2024: “Dr. Edmund T. Gordon”
    Dr. Gordon, professor of African and African Diaspora Studies and executive director of the Contextualization and Commemoration Initiative, was nominated for his innovative teaching methods, including the use of digital humanities tools. Courses like “Power and Place in the Making of Texas History” and his groundbreaking Racial Geography Tour of the University allow students to critically analyze, bridging the gap between history and current events.
  • 2023: Dr. Domino Perez, Dr. Hillary Procknow and Dr. Kenneth Fleischmann
    Dr. Perez, professor in the Department of English, was nominated for her work redefining the Cultural Diversity Flag in the wake of student feedback and nationwide Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. Dr. Procknow, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Associate Professor of Instruction, was nominated for her collaborative, cross-campus work to improve student mental health and well-being. Dr. Fleischmann, professor in the School of Information, was nominated for his work to establish the new undergraduate Informatics major.
  • 2021: Dr. Jennifer Jones Barbour
    Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Communication Studies and Associate Director of the Communication and Leadership degree
    Dr. Barbour was nominated for her work with major curriculum initiatives and her mentorship with the Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDPs).
  • 2020: Jeff Mayo
    Assistant Director of the Transfer-Year Experience Program
    Nominated by Kate Lower, director of SHIFT, for Mayo’s work with 43 Signature Course faculty to highlight ways the courses could be enhanced with information about substance misuse prevention.
  • 2019: Jennifer Fritz and Mary Rose
    Jennifer Fritz, Assistant Professor of Instruction for the Biology Instruction Office, was nominated by Paige Schilt and Nisha Abraham for her innovation in undergraduate programming through the implementation of hands-on learning sessions. Mary Rose, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, was nominated by Robert Crosnoe for her creation and support of key policies designed to improve the core curriculum.
  • 2018: Dr. Karin Wilkins
    Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement and Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Media Studies in the Moody College of Communications
    Nominated by Keri Stephens, Jeanette Herman, Wenhong Chen, and Mimi Drumwright for her work in creating the new Communication and Leadership degree after years of dedicated service to the Global Studies BDP certificate as well as her work with the Ethics and Leadership flag and the global media undergraduate tracks in the Department of Radio-Television-Film
  • 2017: Dr. Bruce Pennycook
    Professor of Composition in the Butler School of Music in the College of Fine Arts. Director of the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies and Chair of the Digital Arts and Media Bridging Disciplines Program
    Nominated by Dr. Holly Williams for work in designing and implementing new Center for Arts & Entertainment Technology and the Arts and Entertainment BS degree
  • 2016: Dr. Meme Drumwright
    Associate Professor in the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations in the Moody College of Communication
    Nominated by Dr. Karin Wilkins for work on the Bridging Disciplines Program in Ethics & Leadership
  • 2015: Patty Moran Micks & Lori Holleran Steiker
    Executive Director in the School of Undergraduate Studies & Associate Professor in the School of Social Work/Chair of the Signature Course Advisory Committee
    Nominated by Andrea Gonzalez & Lori Holleran Steiker, and Larry Abraham (respectively) for work on the Signature Course program
  • 2014: Jennifer Morgan
    Senior Program Coordinator in the School of Undergraduate Studies
    Nominated by Larry Abraham for work on changes to the core curriculum
  • 2013: Dr. Jeanette Herman
    Assistant Dean of Academic Initiatives
    Nominated by Larry Abraham for implementation of the skills and experience flags
  • 2011: Shelby Stanfield
    Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and University Registrar
    Nominated by Cale McDowell & Lara Harlan for work on curriculum reform