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2017 Presentations

First Place

Mitchell Johnson
Mechanical engineering senior

  • “Automated Drilling Fluid Property Measurement”
  • Mitchell aims to improve oil and gas well drilling by automating measurements of fluid pressure.

Second Place

Thomas Dougherty
Mechanical engineering senior

  • “Making Waves with Bluetooth”
  • Thomas works on using patterns in Bluetooth signals to control elements of the user’s environment.

Third Place

Min Ji Son
Biology and sociology senior

  • “Inheritance of EDC effects”
  • Min Ji studies the ways that endocrine-disrupting chemicals effect individuals and their offspring.

Honorable Mention

Zaria El-Fil
Psychology and African and African Diaspora Studies sophomore

  • “Exploring Uganda’s Secondhand Clothing Industry”
  • Zaria examines how the globalized secondhand clothing industry impacts the culture and economy of Uganda.

Tess Johnson
Speech language pathology junior and IE Pre-Grad intern

  • “Out of the Stuttering Closet: Success through Self-Disclosure”
  • Tess studies how self-disclosure effects communication for people who stutter.

Paul Lee
Mechanical engineering honors senior

  • “Safety Risks of DIY Electric Skateboards”
  • Paul works on improving battery management for electric skateboards.