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Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and awards supporting undergraduate research are available through the Office of Undergraduate Research and through colleges and programs throughout the university. The OUR offers two scholarships for researchers: the Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Research Travel Awards. Consult the table and view the OUR scholarship video below to see which funding opportunity is best for your research needs.

Type of Project Eligibility Considers financial need? Amount 23-24 Deadlines
Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Covers specific costs associated with academic research projects Independent research project Full-time student (12-hour minimum) No Up to $1,000, ~50 awarded Oct. 2 and Feb. 5
Research Travel Awards
Travel to conduct or present research Independent research project/research assistantship Full-time student (12-hour minimum) Yes Variable; typically $100-600, ~10 awarded Nov. 17 and March 8

Other Research Awards

Undergraduate researchers at UT have many other opportunities for funding and recognition. A number of links are listed below. Consult your college, department, and faculty mentor for other possibilities.