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Course Credit for Undergraduate Research Experience

You may be able to obtain course credit through Undergraduate Studies for participating in research. In order to enroll in UGS 310 or UGS 320, you must find a faculty member who is willing to supervise you (either as an assistant on an existing project or as the author of an individual project). You and your faculty supervisor will complete and sign a research contract, which will be turned in to the undergraduate research coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). Drafting the contract will allow you to develop ideas about what you hope to accomplish and what your faculty supervisor expects of you over the course of the semester.

Contracts for UGS 310 and 320 are due by the fourth class day during the fall and spring semesters, and the Monday before classes begin in the summer.

Credit options in UGS

  • UGS 310 is appropriate for lower-division students pursuing research assistantship experiences.
  • UGS 320K is appropriate for upper-division students pursuing research assistantship experiences.
  • UGS 320L (with II flag) satisfies the Independent Inquiry flag requirement, and is appropriate for students pursuing independent research experiences under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Please contact the OUR in order to find out more information and to submit the course contract in order to obtain consent to take any of these courses.