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2020 Submissions

Below are all of the full two-minute versions of our 2020 Texas Student Research Showdown submissions.
During a reception and celebration on March 10, 2020, the winners of the Texas Student Research Showdown were announced.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Honorable mentions

  • Ely German
  • Austin Ali
  • Michael Sanchez, Anastasiya Byelousova, Parth Gupta, and Lyndsey Wang

Second place ($750)
Naseem Shafaei

First place ($2000)
Mariel Calara, Sophia Luongo, Collin Ma, and Julia McNulty

Science, Technology, and Engineering

Honorable mentions

  • Jiayin Li
  • Hannah McChesne
  • Abby Rex and Tien Nguyen
  • Thomas Quintero

Second place ($750)
Philip Tan

First place ($2000)
Maxx Wilson and Seong Hyo Ahn

Audience Award

Robbie Hutton, Amanda Macfarlane, Heny Patel, Mamadou Balde, Andrea Gonzalez, and Iann Karamali

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

ali thumbnail

Austin Ali

calara thumbnail

Mariel Calara

carr thumbnail

Libby Carr

dommaraju thumbnail

Abhinav Dommaraju

german thumbnail

Ely German

moore thumbnail

Cammie Moore

patel thumbnail

Neil Patel

sanchez thumbnail

Michael Sanchez

shafaei thumbnail

Naseem Shafaei

siu thumbnail

Margaret Siu

stanley thumbnail

Grace Stanley

trotter thumbnail

Rylee Trotter

Science, Technology, and Engineering

chang.gu thumbnail

Bruce Chang-Gu

chowdhury thumbnail

Mohammed Chowdhury

crawford thumbnail

Colin Crawford

aginjupalli thumbnail

Mahija Ginjupalli

gupte thumbnail

Rohit Gupte

hall thumbnail

Katie Hall

hassam thumbnail

Samir Hassam

henriquez thumbnail

Maria Henriquez

hutton thumbnail

Robbie Hutton

kim thumbnail

Juliana Kim

lakhotia thumbnail

Simren Lakhotia

levitt thumbnail

Ryan Levitt

li thumbnail

Jiayin Li

malek thumbnail

Rory Malek

mcchesney thumbnail

Hannah McChesney

mondal thumbnail

Isha Mondal

quintero thumbnail

Thomas Quintero

raj thumbnail

Joel Raj

raleigh thumbnail

Mariya Raleigh

rank thumbnail

Abbey Lane Rank

rex thumbnail

Abby Rex

rodrigues thumbnail

Alexandra Rodrigues

romo thumbnail

Sasha Romo

rossiter thumbnail

Henry Rossiter

salinas thumbnail

Adrian Salinas

tan thumbnail

Philip Tan

tsai thumbnail

Jason Tsai

venkatayogi thumbnail

Nethra Venkatayogi

wilson thumbnail

Maxx Wilson

wu thumbnail

David Wu

zhang thumbnail

Binglin Zhang