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Learning Specialists

Learning specialists assist students with study-related questions or concerns. Specialists from a wide variety of disciplines are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; sessions typically last 45 minutes. Schedule an appointment online or call 512-471-3614.

See a Learning Specialist for:

  • Time Management: Avoid overload and overcome procrastination
  • Academic Probation: Get back on track with proven study methods and 1-on-1 support
  • Study Effectiveness: Find the best study methods for specific courses
  • Test Preparation and Test Taking: Non-STEM Courses: Learn the best ways to prep for multiple choice, short answer, essay tests, and more
  • Test Anxiety: Discover strategies to help you prepare, stay calm, and reach your potential
  • Dissertation/Thesis Planning: Set realistic goals, manage motivation, and explore campus resources
  • Studying with ADHD/Learning Disabilities: Explore time management strategies and study methods that work for you
  • Test Preparation and Test Taking: STEM/Problem-Solving Courses: Learn the best ways to prep for problem-based exams in math, science, engineering, and more
  • Reading Effectively for College: Get tips to be more efficient and remember what you read
  • Other (describe in the comment section): Creating a plan for high-stakes tasks such as exams or projects, Identifying all campus resources for your courses, Concentration, Motivation, etc.