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If you have SAT or ACT scores that exempt you, please send a PDF of your official score report to us at tsi@austin.utexas.edu. See ACT scores here. See SAT scores here. We will let you know if you need to take further action. Please include your UT EID in all communication with our office

If you were recently admitted to The University of Texas at Austin and have been informed that you have a TSI hold, this page will walk you through the brief, necessary steps you must take. If you have additional questions about our program, please see the rest of the pages on this site, then contact us for more information.

First-Year Students (or Freshmen)

If you currently have a TSI hold, you will not be able to register for classes. You must submit TSI scores or other exempting information before you attend Orientation.

How can I be exempt?

SAT and ACT Scores College Credit
SAT and ACT scores may exempt you. Our office typically reviews SAT and ACT scores at the time of your admission. You can visit the Exemptions page page for additional details. If you have ACT or SAT scores that can exempt you, you can email us a scan/screenshot of your scores to evaluate. Your full name must be present in all documentation provided. Please be sure your UT EID is included in all communication with our office. If your SAT or ACT scores did not exempt you, you may email us a college transcript with the dual credit courses you have taken. We will evaluate your transcript and let you know if you qualify for an exemption.

I do not qualify for an exemption. What now?

If you do not have qualifying SAT or ACT scores, and you have not taken dual credit courses, you will need to take the TSI Assessment (TSIA). You will only be required to take the sections that you are not exempt in. Before you take the TSIA, you are required by law to take the Pre-Assessment Activity, which will familiarize you with the purpose and format of the test. You will not be allowed to take the TSIA if you have not completed the PAA. You will NOT be sent a testing voucher unless you have completed the pre-assessment activity. Click below to access the Pre-Assessment Activity.

Pre-Assessment Activity

There are three options for taking the TSIA:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Ask your high school counselor to help you register for the TSIA. They may be able to help you take it at no cost. When you finish taking the TSIA, notify us here so we can find your scores. If you cannot take the TSIA at your high school, you can register to take it on your personal computer by completing this form. When you complete the form, we will email a test voucher to you. If you would rather take the TSIA at your local Texas community college, complete this form. When you complete the form, we will email a test voucher to you.

How can I prepare for the TSI Assessment (TSIA)?

Prepare for the TSIA by using the official web-based study app. It is free and is the best way for you to prepare to do well on the TSIA. Click below to access the official web-based study app.

TSI Practice App

What if I already took the TSI Assessment (TSIA)?

If you have already taken the TSI Assessment and want us to retrieve your scores from the database, complete this form.

What if I did not meet the required score?

If you do not earn the required college-readiness score, you will be required to take developmental courses. You can learn more about them here. You will meet with a TSI advisor during your Orientation so that you can be placed in the appropriate course.