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Transfer-Year Interest Groups

The first semester at a new university presents both challenges and opportunities. At The University of Texas at Austin, transfer students often experience challenges concerning the level of academic expectations, connecting with fellow transfer students in their courses, and registering for their first-choice courses. Transfer-Year Interest Groups (TrIGs) provide a unique opportunity for new transfer students to meet these challenges with the support of their peers.

A TrIG is a group of 18-25 new transfer students who take one or two courses together during their first semester at UT. Each group meets with a peer mentor and a staff facilitator throughout the semester to discuss timely issues related to the academic transition to campus. TrIG students build communities as they attend classes, study, and participate in various activities and events with their mentor and fellow transfer students.

New transfer students work with their college advisors to find a TrIG with the courses that help fulfill the students’ academic interests and degree requirements. Reserved seats in “course clusters” ensure TrIG students have access to the courses they need.

In addition to accessing reserved seats, TrIG students gain exposure to

  • UT resources
  • An expanded academic network of peers, faculty, and staff
  • Advanced study skills and time management strategies
  • Internship, career, and undergraduate research opportunities
  • Social opportunities