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Proposing your Connecting Experience

Your proposal due date will depend on the location of your experience. Visit our calendar for exact dates, or see the table below.

Your experience cannot count as a Connecting Experience, and you cannot be registered for a BDP course without submitting a proposal that is approved by your faculty mentor. Remember it can take time to communicate with and gain approval from faculty members.

Your completed Connecting Experience proposal will include:

Connecting Experience Proposal Deadlines

Visit our calendar for exact dates in a given semester.

Location of Experience Fall Deadline Spring Deadline Summer Deadline
US On the second class day On the second class day On last day of spring finals
Abroad Aug. 1 Nov. 15 April 1

Approval of Experience

A BDP advisor will notify you if your Connecting Experience proposal is approved, denied, or in need of revisions. Updates regarding submitted proposals will also be posted on MyBDP. If you are receiving BDP credit, your advisor will register you.


Each type of Connecting Experience (internship, research, or creative project) has its own contract that needs to be approved by your faculty mentor. You should submit your contract online through MyBDP.

Before you submit your contract, you and your faculty mentor should discuss and agree on a meeting schedule, expectations for communication, and grading requirements. Contracts include a handout to review with your faculty mentor that describes the mentor’s role:

Internship contracts include an online form your internship supervisor needs to complete. Through the internship contract, you will be able to send a notification to your internship supervisor prompting them to complete the online form. Keep in mind that your faculty mentor and internship supervisor cannot be the same person. Through the following link, you may access a handout to review with your supervisor that describes BDP expectations and guidelines for internships: Internship Supervisor Handout

After you submit your online Connecting Experience contract, you may return to your MyBDP dashboard to add a scholarship application if you wish to apply for funding to support your Connecting Experience.

Proposal Statement

As part of your Connecting Experience contract, you must also upload a one-page, double-spaced statement describing your proposed experience. In your project description, clearly articulate how your experience relates to your BDP topic and, if applicable, to your strand. You can also discuss why you chose your faculty mentor.