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Certificate Topics

Undergraduates may earn a Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP) certificate in one of 17 different concentration areas. BDP certificates allow students from a variety of majors to explore their interests and learning goals. The list below includes a number of common student interest areas and the BDP certificate topics that pertain to those areas. Explore the list below to see how the 17 BDP certificates overlap with your interests.

Arts and Creativity

  • With certificates from Museum Studies to Design Strategies and more, students can select from a variety of programs focused on arts and creativity.

Organizations and Entrepreneurship

  • Through certificates including Ethics & Leadership in Business and Non-profits & Social Entrepreneurship and more, students can explore different types of organizations and entrepreneurship.

Global Issues

  • A variety of certificates including Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies and Environment & Sustainability give students the opportunity to learn about global issues from a variety of perspectives.

Health and Health Care

  • Students can select from certificates including Patients, Practitioners & Cultures of Care and Social Inequality, Health & Policy and more to focus on health and health care.

Law and Policy

  • Through certificates including Public Policy and Smart Cities and more, students can focus on law and policy.

Social Change

  • With certificates from Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government to Human Rights & Social Justice and more, students can select from a variety of programs focused on social change.