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Common Transfer Questions

The Transfer Credit Resources page maintained by the Office of Admissions containts resources that may be helpful to students transferring credit to UT Austin including:

  • Automated Transfer Equivalency System – helps you determine how your transfer credit from another Texas institution will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions.
  • Core Curriculum Transfer Guides – for coursework completed at Austin Community College and other Texas community colleges.
  • Common Transfer Credit Issues – helps you to understand and avoid typical difficulties in using transfer courses to fulfill UT Austin degree requirements.
  • Transfer Evaluation Form – submit to the Office of Admissions requesting
    1. pre-evaluation of courses not yet taken from a non-Texas public institution in order to determine how the coursework will be evaluated on your record OR
    2. re-examination of previously completed courses taken in transfer.

US/TX Government

In order to ensure that UT Austin students meet the US/TX government legislative requirement, the acceptable course combinations to satisfy the requirement are laid out in the charts summarized here or detailed below.

The following coursework combinations will automatically complete the 6-hour US/TX government Core Curriculum requirement when taken in any order listed.

Three hours of this course Will pair with three hours of any of the following in the corresponding row
GOV 310L GOV 312L, GOV 312P, GOV 305C (3US), OR GOV 306C (3TX)
GOV 305C (3US) GOV 310L OR GOV 306C (3TX)
GOV 306C (3TX) GOV 310L OR GOV 305C (3US)
GOV 312L or 312P GOV 310L

Some combinations of government coursework do not fully satisfy the content requirement of the US/TX government Core Curriculum legislative requirement. The degree audit will indicate this by counting only 5 hours of government coursework toward the requirement. Options to complete the requirement are listed below.

Courses on student’s record Student is missing… Option(s) to complete requirement
GOV 312L (or GOV 312P) + GOV 305C (evaluated as GOV 3US prior to fall 2022) TX component GOV 106C (was GOV 105 prior to fall 2020) OR GOV 306C
GOV 312L (or GOV 312P) + GOV 306C (evaluated as GOV 3TX prior to fall 2020) US component GOV 310L OR GOV 305C OR GOVT 2107 (only available at some community colleges)
GOV 305C + GOV 3US (rarely will students have this combination of equivalent courses) TX component GOV 106C (was GOV 105 prior to fall 2020) OR GOV 306C

Detail about these course numbers and differences in sequencing at institutions
Texas public community colleges offer the US/TX government Core Curriculum sequence as:

  • GOVT 2305/GOV 305C Federal Government (Federal constitution & topics). (GOVT 2305 is evaluated as GOV 305C effective fall 2022 and as GOV 3US prior to fall 2022.)
  • GOVT 2306/GOV 306C Texas Government (Texas constitution & topics). (GOVT 2306 is evaluated as GOV 306C effective fall 2020 and as GOV 3TX prior to fall 2020.)

UT Austin and some other four-year TX public institutions primarily offer the US/TX government Core Curriculum sequence as:

  • GOV 310L/GOVT 2301 – American Government I (Federal & Texas constitutions)
  • GOV 312L/GOVT 2302 – Issues & Policies in American Government

One hour course options designed to aid in completion of content requirements for students who have taken mismatched combinations of US/TX government Core Curriculum coursework
Offered by University Extension (UEX):

  • GOV 106C (previously numbered GOV 105 prior to spring 2021) is a one-hour version of GOV 306C. It is a Texas-government focused course that may be offered through UEX and is reserved to complete the final hour for students missing the Texas component of the requirement.

Offered by some Texas Public Community Colleges:

  • GOVT 2107 (UT course number = GOV 1US+TX) is a one-hour course offered at some community colleges. It is reserved to complete the final hour for students who are missing the US or Texas component of the requirement.

Application of Transfer credits to the Core Curriculum

In general, non-residence coursework will automatically apply to the Core Curriculum section in the student’s Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) if evaluated as a direct equivalent to a course number on the current UT Austin Core Curriculum course list. In accordance with Texas Administrative Code §4.28, coursework transferred from another Texas public institution and taken prior to matriculation may automatically count towards a core component area if the course was designated as such by the sending institution, even if not evaluated as a direct equivalent to a UT Austin Core course or approved for credit by substitution.

Completion of the Core Curriculum

All students pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University must complete the forty-two-hour statewide Core Curriculum. Undergraduate degree-seeking students who do not meet Core Complete or Core Waived criteria upon matriculation as described below will be considered Core Complete upon completion of coursework that satisfies all core component area requirements in their UT Austin degree audit.

Students who enter the university and are marked Core Complete or have Core Waived status are not required to take additional coursework to complete the Core Curriculum.

Core Complete from Texas Public Institutions

Entering students are considered Core Complete if they have submitted an official transcript from a Texas public university:

  1. that marks them “Core Complete” based on coursework completed prior to matriculation at The University of Texas at Austin, OR
  2. that indicates completion of either:
    • a Bachelor’s Degree from a Texas public university
    • an Academic Associate’s Degree from a Texas public community college

Previously Awarded Bachelor’s Degrees and Core Waived Status

Undergraduate degree-seeking students who have submitted official transcripts that indicate completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university that is not a Texas public are marked Core Waived and are not required to take additional coursework to complete the Core Curriculum. Any incomplete core component area requirement in their UT Austin degree audit will be waived. However, individual degree plans may require specified Core Curriculum courses in the major field or Core Curriculum courses that are required as prerequisites for courses in the major.

Waiving unfulfilled core component area requirements applies only to students with Core Waived status and is for UT Austin degree audit purposes as it relates to undergraduate degree completion. It will not appear on the UT Austin official transcript, nor does it transfer outside of UT Austin.

Questions about Core Complete and Core Waived status can be sent to Undergraduate College.