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What is a FIG?

A First-Year Interest Group (FIG) is a group of 18-25 first-year students who take two to four classes together during their first fall term at UT. Each group attends a weekly seminar led by a peer mentor and a staff facilitator. FIG students develop a sense of community as they attend classes, study, and participate in various activities and events with their mentor and fellow first-years.

All FIGs fulfill the first-year student’s First-Year Connections requirement.

Why should your student join a FIG?

FIGs give new students the support and tools they need to navigate and succeed at the university. Enrolling in a FIG will give your student a number of advantages. Learn how your student can join.

FIG students learn how to

  • Form study groups
  • Study efficiently and effectively
  • Utilize the University’s resources
  • Get involved on campus

Through his or her FIG, your student will make friends with similar academic interests, connect with top UT faculty and a student affairs professional, and have a student mentor as a guide through the transition to college.

FIG Peer Mentors

FIG mentors are current UT undergraduates who co-facilitate the weekly FIG seminar and mentor incoming freshmen during their first term on campus. The spring before leading a FIG seminar, all FIG mentors enroll in UGS 104, a mentor development course, where they learn theories behind group development and group dynamics, as well as communication and facilitation skills. Learn more about the position description