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What is a FIG?

A First-Year Interest Group (FIG) is a group of 18-25 first-year students who take two to four classes together during their first fall semester at The University of Texas. Each group attends a weekly seminar led by a peer mentor and a staff facilitator. FIG students develop a sense of community as they attend classes, study, and participate in various activities and events with their mentor and fellow first-years.

All FIGs fulfill the first-year student’s First-Year Connections requirement.

Learn how to join a FIG and view FIG course clusters.

Why Join a FIG?

Gain the support and tools you need to navigate and succeed at the University. Enrolling in a FIG gives you a number of advantages.

FIG students learn how to

  • Form study groups
  • Study efficiently and effectively
  • Utilize the University’s resources
  • Get involved on campus

Through your FIG, you’ll make friends with students who share your academic interests, connect with top UT faculty and a student affairs professional, and have a student mentor to guide you through your first semester.

FIG Mentors

Each FIG is assigned a FIG peer mentor. Your mentor is your guide through your first college semester. Mentors lead seminars and arrange activities and events for your FIG to attend each week. Your mentor will help you with any questions or challenges that come up.