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Earn Flags

Flagged courses are taught in every department at UT, at upper and lower division levels, and cover a wide variety of topics. Flags are offered across the curriculum so you will learn about writing or ethical decision making, for example, in the context of your own discipline. Flags can also be an opportunity to branch out and study abroad or take courses in a content area different from your major.

Please consult with your academic advisor or the Core and Flags Petitions Coordinator to determine which Flags are required for your major and catalog, and to learn about how you may earn each Flag in the process of completing your major, core, and other degree requirements. To speak with the Core and Flags Petitions Coordinator you can reach us via email or by phone at 512-232-8400.

Finding Flagged Courses in the Course Schedule

Flagged courses are identified in the course schedule with a yellow box that indicates the specific Flag designation. You can also search by core and refine by Flag in the course schedule to see which courses satisfy both requirements.

Flags & Degree Audit

Students can determine which Flags they have completed and which Flags they still need by checking their degree audit. Flag requirements will show up highlighted in green in student with a check mark when the requirement has been satisfied. For assistance running a degree audit, please contact your college advisor or the Core and Flags Petitions Coordinator.

A course can carry up to three Flags. However, the same course cannot be used to satisfy the Global Cultures and Cultural Diversity Flags even if the course carries both Flags.

As of the 2016-18 catalog, all incoming students will need to earn one of each Flag with the exception of the Writing Flag, which, depending on your major, requires either two or three courses. Speak with your academic advisor or check the Flag requirements by catalog page to determine which Flags you need for your major and catalog.

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