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Student Ambassadors and Representatives

Each year the Office of Undergraduate Research seeks passionate undergraduates to serve as Student Research Ambassadors — the public face of student research at events for internal and external audiences, where they share their stories of becoming researchers whose experiences combine the teaching and research missions of the university. Students in this program develop their ability to share their research narrative with a general audience.

Ambassadors will be expected to attend a workshop on research narratives in the fall, and to represent student research at the following events:

  • Family Weekend
  • Explore UT
  • One workshop or event related to the Texas Student Research Showdown
  • At least one Research Week activity
  • At least six OUR info sessions or workshops for current students
  • Other events as needed (e.g. Research Day at the Texas State Capitol; an inter-campus research event with Texas A&M University)
  • A chance to be selected for AURA-Texas

Senate Undergraduate Research Committee

The Senate of College Councils’ Undergraduate Research Committee (URC) is responsible for promoting and expanding research opportunities to undergraduates and enhancing the undergraduate research experience at the university. Members foster an interconnected undergraduate research community by working closely with programs and organizations on campus that support and facilitate undergraduate research. Other committee responsibilities include administering a $1,000 Undergraduate Research Grant, planning the annual Research Reception to honor excellence in undergraduate research, and co-hosting with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) the campus-wide Research Week, which is a celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity.

Research Student Advisory Council
RSAC’s mission is to represent students by advising and providing feedback to the OUR; to raise awareness of research opportunities and foster relationships between students and faculty; and to facilitate the effective communication of opinions, ideas, and knowledge regarding undergraduate research between the OUR, the URC, the college councils, and the research-based organizations and programs across campus.