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Supporting Undergraduates with Placement in Research Experiences

Advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Research are available to provide students facing academic barriers and challenges during the development of their undergraduate research career active support in connecting to research opportunities across campus.

Academic barriers and challenges include, but are not limited to:

  • Difficulties related to COVID-19 and campus-wide restriction on undergraduate research participation
  • Lack of research opportunities available in a field of study or topic of interest
  • Lack of research representation or models of research
  • Inability to replace work with unpaid research opportunities
  • Lack of accommodation or access in (physical or virtual) research environments


Research placement advising is geared towards assisting students who have already attempted to get involved with undergraduate research, but have faced challenges in doing so, rather than students who seeking to learn about undergraduate research for the first time. Students who are seeking introductory knowledge of undergraduate research and how to begin the process of becoming involved should sign-up for an info session or a general advising appointment.

Advisors will work closely with each student to support their individual needs and experiences and work to connect them with research opportunities. After discussing with the student about their experiences, interests, goals, and needs, the advisor will seek out research opportunities on behalf of the student. Our goal is to help create connections between students, researchers, and units on campus so that where opportunities do not yet exist, they can be developed and supported.


Connecting Researchers

As we hope to grow more awareness and access to research opportunities available to undergraduates, we would like to encourage all faculty, staff, and research units on campus to use OUR’s resources to connect with UT students. The OUR program coordinator is also available for questions regarding supporting undergraduate researchers working remotely as well as how to best incorporate them into research projects.