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2020 Winners and Presenters

View posters from previous poster sessions by topic below.

Poster presentation awards

First place ($2000)
Ezzeddine Elmir, Josh Beckham
Discovering Novel Inhibitors for D-alanine:D-alanine Ligase of Listeria monocytogenes Using Virtual Drug Screening

Second place ($1000)
Liam Verses, Jane Cohen, Kasey Faust
Modeling the Protracted Water Crisis in Mexico City

Third place ($500)
Simren Lakhotia, Timothy E. Riedel, Sanchita Bhadra
Novel Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification via One-Step Strand Displacement Diagnostic for Rickettsial Diseases

Alexia Huggans, Mikaela Martinez, Katherine Winters, Courtney T. Byrd
Parent perceptions of communication attitude for their preschool-age child who stutters

Andres Vasquez, Scott E. Snarr, Joseph J. Beaman
Nozzle-Based Powder Deposition Device for Multi-Material Powder Bed Fusion

Avery Largent
“I’m the Only One Still Standing”: Lived Experiences of Gentrification in Austin, Texas

Carole Lakrout, Eric Goldfarb, Tomaso Bontognali, Nicola Tisato
The Biotic Influence on Speleothems

Carter Adams
Geospatial Diffusion of Public Opinion about the “Not in my Back Yard” Phenomenon: Evidence from Nuclear Power

Christopher Apgar, Emily Lecy, Val Lowe, and Hoon-Ki Min
Activity During the 80-Minute Uptake Time Affects Off-Target Binding In Tau PET Scans (18F-AV-1451)

Clotilde Tagnon, Kimberly Bourland, Zachariah Page
The Synthesis of Flexible Liquid Crystal Semiconducting Polymers

Kaitlynn Li
Decoding Winning Oscar Songs Using Logistic Regression Model

Naseem Shafaei, A. Zebedee White, Courtney T. Byrd
Growth Mindset & Communication Effectiveness in Persons Who Stutter

Nicole Flanigan, Andrea Feliciano-Cruz
Increasing Awareness of Hazardous Apps Associated with Human Trafficking

Paige Christiansen, Ana Maldonado, Raina Michalovic
Strategies for Inclusion in the Art Classroom

Rylee Trotter
Behaviors and Attitudes Related to Sexual Violence in the Sorority Community at UT Austin

Stephanie Chen, Li-Chen Lin
How Language Barriers Affect Patient Outcomes in the Clinical Setting

Thomas R. Quintero, J. Richard Kyle, Nathan Miller, Estibalitz Ukar
Cementation of Solution-Collapse Breccias in the Lower Ordovician Upper Knox Group, Central Tennessee

Trenton Balderas Allison
The Future of Footwear

Honorable mentions
Catherine Haberl
Deciphering Prefrontal Thalamocortical Networks in Social Behavior

Calista Castellanos
Experiences of Policy and Trauma in Nonprofit Immigration Attorneys

John Chapman
The Changing Political Priorities of the Catholic Church

Meraal Hakeem
Martyrs of Economic Warfare: The Gendered Impact of Economic Sanctions in Iran

Elizabeth Gutierrez
The Formation, Distribution, and Evolution of Ancient Stellar Populations in the Local Group at Present Day

David Castro
Demographic Factors that Impact CSD Major Selection

Jenab Camara
In which way can linguistic insecurity hinder asylum seekers in their integration path?

Lina Barakat
City Branding and the Use of Culture as a Resource

Michael Hernandez
Customizable functional near-infrared spectroscopy Montage

Kimberly Webb
Studying Friends with Benefits Relationships

Audience award ($1000)
Zaria El-Fil
Slavery and Surveillance: An Analysis of the Galveston City Ordinances

Poster design awards

First place ($500)
Oliver S. Zhao, Nikhil Kolluri, Annie Anand, Nicholas Chu, Ravali Bhavaraju, Aditya Ohja, Sandhya Tiku, Dat Nguyen, Ryan Chen, Adriane Morales, Deepti Valliappan, Juhi Patel, Kevin Nguyen
Convolutional Neural Networks to Automate the Screening and Diagnosis of Malaria in Low-Resource Countries

Runners up ($250)
Naseem Shafaei, A. Zebedee White, Courtney T. Byrd
Growth Mindset & Communication Effectiveness in Persons Who Stutter

Jenab Camara
In which way can linguistic insecurity hinder asylum seekers in their integration path?

Meraal Hakeem
Martyrs of Economic Warfare: The Gendered Impact of Economic Sanction in Iran

Sania Zia, Sabrina Benitez, Liesl Nydegger
Community Support and HIV Prevention among Black and Latina Women in Travis County, Texas

Carole Lakrout, Eric Goldfarb, Tomaso Bontognali, Nicola Tisato
The Biotic Influence on Speleothems

Carter Adams
Geospatial Diffusion of Public Opinion about the “Not in my Back Yard” Phenomenon: Evidence from Nuclear Power

Nicole Flanigan, Andrea Feliciano-Cruz
Increasing Awareness of Hazardous Apps Associated with Human Trafficking

Amulya Agrawal
School Attachment and Anxiety During Early Childhood

Ajay Panda
GFP Labeling of Nucleolar Proteins Utilizing CRISPR/CAS9 System

Aniket Sanghi, William M.J. Best, Michael C. Liu, Eugene A. Magnier, Trent J. Dupuy
Population Synthesis Simulations: Uncovering the Mass Distribution of Brown Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood

Calista Castellanos
Experiences of Policy and Trauma in Nonprofit Immigration Attorneys in the Context of the Increased Criminalization of Migrants

Emily Prines
Universities, Urban Power, and Unease: The Invisible Presence of The University of Texas at Austin

Heeyong Huh
Ultrathin Flexible and Stretchable Piezoelectric Nanogenerator with Higher Power Output by Minimizing Charge Cancellation

Judith Johnston, Jia Kim, Leslie Flores
Censorship in the Art Classroom: How Far is too Far?

Jeffrey Demario
Petrographic Analysis of the Ceramics of Hun Tun

Lindsey Asis
Deregulation, the Trump Administration, and Environmental Racism

Richard Gu, Jennifer Parker, Bryan Davies
Genetic Analysis of Extended-spectrum Beta-Lactamase-producing and Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Taryn Shanes
Codification of the Human Right to Water: A Global Perspective

2020 Presenters

View all of the 2020 undergraduate presenters of the Longhorn Research Poster Session, alphabetical by poster title.

“A Robust, Stretchable, e-Tattoo for Long-Term sEMG Monitoring.” – Samuel Bello, Dennis Runyan

“Access To Food Resources In Central East Austin.” – Phoenix Torres

“Analytical Design and Fabrication of a Hybrid Silicone Fluidic Elastomer Actuator.” – Uksang Yoo, Alexander Cohen, Ashish D Deshpande, Farshid Alambeigi

“Analyzing the Effects of Social Media Activism on Congressional Outcomes.” – Ryan Hurt

“Archiving for the Future: Transforming Access and Archiving for Endangered Language Data Through Exploratory Methodologies of Curation.” – Elena Pojman

“Are Effective Lawmakers More Electorally Successful?” – Jared Hrebenar

“Associations Among Birth Weight, Prematurity, and Breastfeeding Status and Executive Function in Kindergarten: Evidence from the ECLS-K: 2011.” – Sanjna Bhatia and Andrew Koepp

“Attitudes towards implicit and explicit L2 instruction.” – Kristen Kelly, Dr. Dale Koike, Supervisor, Dr. Thomas Garza, Reader

“Automation: Building More Jobs But Increasing Homelessness.” – Alberto Ramon Velasco Jr.

“Bilingualism and Cognition in Older Mexican Americans.” – Mia Rajan

“Bipartisan Caucuses and Their Effect on Roll-Call Voting.” – Tori Villarreal

“Cancer, Breadwinning and Depression in Older White Men.” – Sheriyar Hyderali

“Chilean Dictatorship and the Human Rights Movement.” – Christina Bui

“Color Discrimination Learning in the Highly Social Cichlid Fish Astatotilapia burtoni.” – Matthew T Lee*, Karleen Wu*, Layla A Kutty, Don H Le, Kelly J Wallace, Hans A Hofmann

“Comparing Methods to Identify GMCs in Simulated Galaxies.” – Enrico Piperno

“Democratic Backsliding, History, and Dissent.” – David Tibaquira

“Developing Polymer-Coated Nanoshell Biosensors for Sjögren’s Syndrome Diagnosis.” – Ayushi Sahu

“Diffusion of Disability Policy in American States.” – Maya Rigley

“Discovering Novel Inhibitors of New Delhi Metallo-Beta Lactamase (NDM-1) through Virtual Screening.” – Diego Sierra, Farrah Hmaidan, and Derek Sung

“Do Countries Focus on the Same Issue Topics Over the Same Time Frame?” – Rani Patel

“Effect of Environmental Pressures on Moose and Tick Populations.” – Livia Frost, Diana Macias, Shyann Walker, Ayah Albustami

“Effects of speaking style and foreign-accentedness on sentence recognition memory.” – Frida Ballard, Sandie Keeerstock, Rajka Smiljanic

“Epigenetic Approach to Improving Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma.” – Catherine Li, Lokesh Kukreja, Sathyapriya Ezhilan, Vishwanath R. Iyer, John S. Kuo

“Evaluating Flood Due to Extreme Precipitation and Assessing for Risks.” – Elton Nguyen*, Taemin Heo^, Lance Manuel+

“Evaluation of the retention of Stop the Bleed curriculum over time.” – David Wu, Claire Zagorski, Steve Steffensen, MD.

“Exploration of the function of the paralogous clusters of miR-17-92 in CCND1-driven Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) and MYCN-amplified Neuroblastoma.” – Mariya Raleigh ; John Powers, Ph.D.; Niharika Reddy; Erika Espinoza

“Exploring Associations of Health Outcomes and Features of Outdoor Advertisements for Food, Beverage and Alcohol in Austin, TX.” – Nathan Wu, Drupad Annapureddy , Jacob Thomas, MA , Daniel Kreitzberg, MS, Keryn E. Pasch, MPH, PHD

“Exploring Generational Abuse with Different Forms of Support among Black and Latina Women in Travis County, Texas.” – Alia Valdez, Queen Thomas, Velta Brenya, Liesl A Nydegger

“Fair Use versus Originality: Teaching Copyright Laws in the Art Classroom.” – Lindsay Edwards, Leslie Tang, Adele Powers

“Extracting Endophytic Fungal Metabolites With An Open Microscale Platform.” – Yusuf Mufti, William Thomas, Moriah Sandy

“Fashion Del Futuro! Code-switching in bilingual fashion magazines and environmental socio-linguistic implications” – Osiel Maldonado

“Flood Risk.” – Elton Nguyen*, Taemin Heo^, Lance Manuel+

“Flower, Laugh, and Murder: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Verbs.” – Alexandria Brown, Beaudry Chase, Helen Salgi, and Lindia Tjuatja

“For the General Welfare: The Role of Congress in the United States Welfare System.” – Will Whitlock

“Highly Functional CMV-Specific T Cell Receptors as a Model System to Investigate Melanoma-Specific T Cell Receptors.” – Amanda Y. Xia, Alexandra A. Schonnesen, Chad M. Williams, Ning Jiang

“Impacts of Stress During Early Puberty on Tracking Behavior.” – Scarlett Leon, Kevin Moran, & Yvon Delville, PhD

“Implications of Parental Health on Youth Attaining College-going Status.” – Athena Owirodu

“Improving HPV Vaccination Uptake through Physician-Patient Communication.” – Shreya Mallena

“Inspection of Kingetics Orthotic Insoles on Ground Reaction Forces.” – Sarah Hildreth

“Is Divided Government Better at Passing Foreign or Domestic Policy?” – Marisa Flores

“Issue Based or Purely Partisan, What Shaped the Results of the 2018 Congressional Elections?” – Kennedy Teel

“Lack of Association Between Hippocampal Volume and Sleep Hygiene Among Younger and Older Adults.” – Atharva Kulkarni, Chand Hashim, Megan McMahon, Yoshita Malneedi, and David Schnyer

“Legislative Success in the Australian Parliament Comparing across Policy Domains.” – Mark Werner

“Marital Satisfaction and Communication Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Couples.” – Maria Mohamed, Megan Schouweiler, & Dr. Hannah Williamson

“Modifying Oil Well Barrier Material in Order to Reduce Risk of Hydrocarbon Release.” – Antonio Torres Skillicorn, Farzana Rahman, Dr.Ferron

“Optical Properties of Kidney Stone Phantoms.” – Bonnie Chan

“Parental Warmth, Stress, and Marital Status Impact on Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors of Children in Kindergarten.” – Alexia Fritsch

“Polarization of Campaign Finance Legislation in the United States Congress.” – Caroline Hastings

“Prefrontal thalamocortical networks in social behavior.” – Catherine C. Haberl, Audrey C. Brumback, MD, PhD, Fantao Meng, PhD, Alexandra Alario

“Python-Assisted Optimization of Power Wall Coding.” – Drupad Annapureddy, Nathan Wu, Jacob E. Thomas, MA, Keryn E. Pasch, PhD, MPH

“Reading sentences aloud in casual speaking style improves memory more than reading aloud in clear speaking style.” – Gabrielle D. Shaddock, Frida Ballard, Sandie Keerstock & Rajka Smiljanic

“Regionalization of Security Within the East African Community.” – Megan Soetaert

“Scalable MoS2 PL Enhancement Achieved Through Lattice Matched Oxygen-Assisted Sulfurization.” – Benjamin Tan, Martha Serna, Deji Akinwande

“Selected Analyses on Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification Program Data, 2014-2018.” – Javier Sigala, Captain Randy Chhabra, and David Zane

“Serious Mental Illness and Physical Health.” – Christine Thomas

“Sex differences in color discrimination learning of a highly social cichlid fish.” – Layla A. Kutty*, Don H. Le*, Matthew T. Lee, Karleen Wu, Kelly J. Wallace, Dr. Hans Hofmann

“Shifting Demographics, Shifting Priorities: How Race Influences American Drug Policy.” – Kyle Zagon

“Social Relationships and Executive Function in Pediatric ADHD.” – AnnaCarolina Garza, Tehila Nugiel, Jessica A. Church

“Substance Abuse Testimonies in the US Congress and the Shift to Approaches Based on Well-Being.” – Eduardo Flores

“Suicidal Behaviors in Latina Adolescents.” – Briana Ortiz, Maria de los Angeles Villareal, Lauren Rosa and Lauren Gulbas Ph.D

“Suicide, Substance Abuse, and Alcohol Consumption: A Global View.” – Justin Ahamed

“Syndecan-1 and its contacts when endothelial cells experience shear stress.” – Victoria Milosek, Lei Mei, Aaron Baker

“Synthesis of N7-Alkyl-Guanine adducts for Potential Structural and Kinetic Studies.” – Andrew Ta, Aaron Rozelle, Naveen Kumar, Seongmin Lee

“Taken by Storm: Land Disputes in Cambodia’s Changing Climate.” – Kristle Hinola

“The Changing Debate Over Gun Control in Committee Hearings.” – Megan McCann

“The Congressional Agenda as a Cumulative Entity.” – Melissa Garcia

“The East Asian Question: American Eugenics and Immigration Reform.” – Alexander David Wallis

“The Effect of Chinese Investment and Terrorism on Foreign Aid.” – Jonah Isaac

“The Effect of Screen Time and Physical Activity with Children’s Abilities to Self-Regulate.” – Joyce Garcia

“The Effect of Targeted Use of CGMs on Health Outcomes.” – Bilal Haque

“The Great Broadening in the U.S. Congress and Its Relationship to the Expansionist Role of the Supreme Court.” – Allison White

“The Influence of Inclusive School Policy and GSAs on Long-Term Well-Being for LGBT Students in Texas.” – Angela Kang

“The Institution as a Marketplace of ideas for Marginalized identities: Focus on the Chicana experience.” – Alexzandra Roman

“The Relations of Self-Regulation to Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Behavioral Problems.” – Youchuan (Mike) Ma

“Timing of Rifting in The Central Western Carpathians Post-Varsican Orogeny and Ages of Sediments Overlying Meliata Ocean Ophiolites (Slovakia).” – Gabriel Villaseñor, Catlos E.J., Elliott, Brent, Kohut, Milan, Broska, Igor, Etzel, Thomas, Kyle, J. Richard and Stockli, Daniel

“Using Virtual and Wet Lab Procedures for the Discovery of Inhibitory Biomolecules for D:Alanine – D:Alanine Ligase of Staphylococcus aureus.” – Ellie Nichols, Kaleigh Copenhaver, Josh Beckham (RE), Jon Robertus (PI)

“Utilization of Ketamine for Acute Pain in the Prehospital and Emergency Department Setting: A Preliminary Meta-Analysis of the Evidence.” – Lana Djenic

“Utilizing Google Search Patterns for Disease Outbreak Detection.” – Zaid Almubaid, Izzat Alsmadi, and Hisham Al-Mubaid

“Visualizing the Complex Roots of Quadratic and Cubic Polynomial Function in Three Dimensions with MATLAB.” – Aniket Sanghi, Mark L. Daniels

“Voting Rights and Voting Wrongs: Measuring the effect of the preclearance standard following Shelby County v. Holder.” – Katya Ehresman