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Undergraduate Presenters

The Longhorn Research Poster Session exhibits scholarly and creative work and gives students from across a variety of colleges and schools the chance to present their achievements to a campus-wide audience. Presenters will participate in one of three 90-minute sessions (9-10:30 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and 1-2:30 p.m.).

Session A — 9-10:30 a.m.
A01 — Elyse Dewbre
The Expansion of the U.S. Department of Defense Budget

A02 — Farhan Buvvaji
Congressional Response to the Warren Court’s‚Judicial Activism in Criminal Procedure Decisions

A03 — Megan Thompson
Does Public Mood Impact Congressional Attention on Social Welfare Policy?

A04 — Waverli Almand
How We Talk About Rights: The Prevalence of Human Rights Language in U.S. Legislation

A05 — Ashni Guneratne, Paola A. Baca, William Costello, Rebecka Hahnel-Peeters, Andrew G. Thomas David P. Schmitt, David M. Buss
Intrasexual Theory of Mind: Sexual Desires

A06 — Alec Weigel
Closing the Endless Frontier: Developments in post-2014 Brazilian Science Policy

A07 — Dantes Martinez, Zofia Graham
Bow and Arrow Terms in South American Languages

A08 — Emily Phonsnasinh, Rebecka K. Hahnel-Peeters, Paola Baca, William Costello, David P. Schmitt, & David M. Buss
Testing Individual Differences in Cross-Sex Theory of Mind Within the Domain of Sexual Violence

A09 — Frances Cates, Krishna Hariprasad, Nikita Kakkad, Niels Levy-Thiebaut
Evaluating the Need for Emergency Contraception at the University of Texas at Austin

A10 — Corinne Floyd
Are There Age-Related Differences in Couples’ Support Exchanges?

A11 — Hannah Kim, Rebecka K. Hahnel-Peeters, David M. Buss
Women’s Defenses Against Sexual Violence

A12 — Kara Nutson, Deborah Jacobvitz, Saralyn Foster, Gabriella Aquino, Megan Gray, Marcela Abrego, Bea McClaine, Elizabeth Widen
Food Insecurity & Caregiver Feeding Style in Infants 6-9 Months Old

A13 — Maria Noonan and Anushka Sengupta
Association Between Food Insecurity and Substance Use in US College Students

A14 — Mary Michael
The Rights of Nature in Ecuador and Rainforest Conservation

A15 — María Paula Yávar Calderón, B.A., Kimberly L. Henriquez, M.A., & Elma Lorenzo-Blanco, Ph.D
Racism and Intragroup Marginalization in the Acculturation-Depression Link among Hispanic Freshmen

A16 — Nina Mbonu
Climate Change and Nigerian Child Health: A Newspaper Analysis

A17 — Pamela Hernandez, Avelina Rivero, M.S., Eric Salinas, M.A., Sarah Killoren, PhD & Edna Alfaro, PhD
Latinx College Students’ Perspectives on Family Behaviors Contributing to Academic Success

A18 — Ruhi B. Mukherjee, Laura L.S. Werner, Jarrod A. Lewis-Peacock
Do Mood States Differentially Impact Removal Cues?

A19 — Chloe Jin
Passion and Practicality: An In-depth Exploration of Initial Career Decisions and Their Long-term Consequences for McCombs Alumni

A20 — Sofia Albini
On The Move: An Anthology of Disabled Perspectives at the University of Texas

A21 — Shannon Henry
Food Sovereignty for a Secure Future

A22 — Trisha Lobo, Pelin Cunningham-Erdogdu, & William B. Swann
The Impact of Self-Verification on Affective Response in Fantasy Groups

A23 — Tracy Baker
Statements on the January 6th Attack: A Promise or Appeasement?

A25 — Zander R. Vasquez & Dr. Mark D. Hayward
Educational Attainment’s Association with Cognitive Health in Late Life for U.S.-Born and non-U.S.-Born Hispanics

A26 — Amara Kwiatkowski
Analyzing the Evolution of Classical Liberalism, Apocalypse, and Morality in Christopher Nolan’s Filmography

A30 — Brandon L. Foskett
Pretty and Problematic: The Use of Music in Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name

A31 — Brooklynn Cnare, Ellie Slaton
Documenting & Preserving Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Lockhouses

A33 — Eleanor Irion
Documenting Individual Variation in American Sign Language within the Context of Emotion and Sensation

A34 — Mishell Magnus Ducloux
The Racialization of Hispanics and the Subordination of Spanish at the University of Texas at Austin

A35 — Omar Abdelrahman
Money in Politics: Is it worth the Investment?

A36 — Devan Patel
The Pill We Can’t Swallow: Drug Pricing in the US

A37 — Trey Ashmore
Unraveling Resistance to Consolidation in the Dry Cleaning Industry

A38 — Kirti Moteka
Policy & Technology for Transparency in the Global Cocoa Industry

A39 — Angelique N. Trotter, Elijah J. Woodson, Yaning Zhu
Finding Focus: An Efficacy Replication of the 10-Day Intervention

A40 — Daniel Ghaly*, Maria Ghaly*, Sanjana Poonuru, Zeal Pathak, Nico Osier
Application of just culture principles and best practices for effective research mentorship of undergraduates

A41 — Minseon Kim, Nathaniel Woznicki, M.Ed., & Katherine Muenks, Ph.D.
Teachers’ strategies towards help-seeking and class disruption: A qualitative exploration

A43 — Divi Raja
Examining Concerns and Challenges of Caregiving for Persons Living with Dementia among Hispanic Caregivers

A44 — Evelyn Guevara, Dr. Audrey Brumback, M.D., Ph.D, Dr. Sandra Maga√±a, Ph.D., Dr. Sandra Vanegas, Ph.D., Ligiola Aranaga-Sanchez, MSN, CPNP-AC
Eclipsing Barriers: CRIDI’s Light on Autism Diagnosis in Latino Families

A45 — Emalee Sullivan
Effects of socioeconomic factors on access to childhood epilepsy care.

A47 — Megha Bhatia, Angeline De Guia, Vedin Barve, Nico Osier, PHD, RN
2023-2024 Updated Undergraduate Research Assistant Recruitment Strategy: The Osier Lab

A48 — Madeline Divine, MA, Manu Perinchery, Avinash Saripalli, Krupa Amerineni, Brandi Reynolds, BS, Nirvana Maleki and Felicia Lu, BS
Why now? An Exploratory Analysis of Alcohol Use, Familial Support & Suicide among AAPI College Students

A49 — Jeffrey Zhu
Successful Treatment of Post-COVID-19 Condition Using Mast Cell Stabilizer

A50 — Anya Chatterjee, Sarayu Parthasarathy, Timothy E. Riedel
Creating an Isothermal Amplification Diagnostic for Malaria Caused by Plasmodium vivax for Low Resource Settings

A51 — Anya Koehne, Dr. Kasia Dinkeloo
A Sustainable Approach to Sustainable Research: Culturing Plastic-Degrading Microbes from the Frass of Zophobas morio

A52 — Arnav Patil, Josh T. Beckham1 (RE), Walter Fast2 (PI)
Discovery of novel Allosteric Inhibitors of 3-Oxoacyl-ACP Reductase in Plasmodium falciparum

A53 — Alissa P Murphy, Eswar C Gopalakrishnan, Jennie E DeVore, Smruti Pimplikar, Felicity Muth
Bumblebee color preferences when pollen foraging

A55 — Angel Martinez, Cosmo Miyahara, Geoffrey Englin, John T. Markert
Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) Measurements of A Microsphere Sample Using Micro-Oscillators

A56 — Dianne Zhao, Ashley E. Neely, MS, Molly S. Bray, PhD, and Christopher A. Jolly, PhD
Effect of Physiologically Relevant Glucose Concentrations on CD4+ T Cell Interleukin 2 Response

A59 — Haley Goodwin, Saee Risbud, Aparna Tampi, Nigel Atkinson
Fold ‘N’ Fly: Unraveling DifB with AlphaFold AI

A63 — Payton Antonacci, Adriana Vasquez, Hongjoo J Lee
Acute Amphetamine Exposure Increases Female Rat Estrus Frequency

A66 — Srija Venna
Social Stress Influences Behavior and Cognition

A67 — Saachi Singal, Thiago Rodrigues da Silva, Theresa Jones
Immunohistochemical Analysis of delta FosB in Mouse Motor Cortex: Implications for Learning, Relearning, and Stroke Rehabilitation

A68 — Shriya Swamy, Ali Askari, Gwendolyn Stovall
UTexas Aptamer Database: A Sustained Repository for the Long Term Preservation of Aptamer Information

A69 — Wai-Lin Kaung
Caldendrin Is a Repressor of PIEZO2 Channels and Touch Sensation in Mice

A70 — Zoe Zhang, Dr. Soo Hyun Yang, Dr. Tanya T. Paull
Investigating the Effect of the E514G Mutation on the PARylation Activity of PARP1

A71 — Alexander Kelly, Amber Nguyen, Josiah Sananda, William David Nguyen, M. Bayani Cardenas, Daniella Marie Rempe, and Hydrogeology Field Camp Class of 2023
Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology of a Barrier Island in the Yucatan Peninsula

A72 — Arushi Biswas, Sergio Castellanos
Surviving Extreme Weather: Evaluating Emergency Response and Preparedness Plans for Winter Storms in Texas

A73 — Aditi Sarlashkar
Fabrication and Testing of Transducer Array for Ultrasound E-Tattoo

A74 — Haley Rosales, Michaela LaPatin, Nicola Ritsch, Kasey Faust
INTEGRATING ART AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Developing a Graphic Guide for Water Haulers in Rural Alaska

A75 — John Lee, Jun-Whan Lee
Predicting Run-Up Distribution of Near-Field Tsunamis using Machine Learning Algorithms

A77 — Tanisha Bhattacharya
Proactive ML-Based Runtime Management of Heterogeneous MPSoCs

A78 — Tracey Nguyen, Thien Nguyen, Adam Bush
Nitrogen-Induced Hypoxia as a Contrast Agent in fMRI

A79 — Kai Wing Kevin Tang, Wenliang Wang, Ilya Piatnitskii, Xiangping Liu, Thomas Wynn, Lief Fenno, Vivek P. Buch, Huiliang Wang
Ultrasound-induced cascade amplification in mechanoluminescent nanotransducer for enhanced sono-optogenetic stimulation

A80 — Zaina Alfakher
The Development and Application of Machine Learning Models for Rig State Classification

A81 — Gabrielle Izu
Overcoming the Diarrhea Epidemic: Water, Health, and Sanitation Challenges in Ethiopia and the Intervention of WaterAid

A82 — Carolina Ponce, Jason Lee, Jonathan Y. Chen
A Sustainable Textile Biomaterial with Antimicrobial Properties: Cellulose Fiber Infused with Nanosilver

Session B — 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
B01 — Skyler Allen
Disability Policy: Partisanship and Issue Ownership

B02 — Byron Xu, Guillermo Barbella, Ainsley Dorsey, Steeve Doss, Hillary Ma, and Dulce Alonso
Moms in Danger: How Abortions Impact Gender Violence

B03 — John Ory
Comparative Malapportionment: Voter Diffusion Across Voting District Maps

B04 — Jimmy O’Brien
Childhood Poverty, Party Control, and Contextual Policymaking: Are Poor Children Left Behind by Policymakers?

B05 — Mary Michael, Shannon Henry
The Politics of Manuka Honey

B06 — Nikolas Parker
The Future of Children: Who is influencing education the most?

B07 — Orion Medina
The Evolving Agendas of Corporate Lobbying

B08 — Sebastian Garcia
Gradual and Sporadic Punctuations: How the Government Spends Its Money in Times of Crisis

B09 — Amber Montez, Rebecka K. Hahnel-Peeters, Paola Baca, William Costello, David P. Schmitt, & David M. Buss
Cross-Sex Mind-Reading Errors in Upset Following Sexual Violence

B10 — Ben Aguillon
Does Lobbying Affect the Way We Move?

B11 — Bianca R. Jacques, Rebecka K. Hahnel-Peeters, Paola Baca, William Costello, David P. Schmitt, & David M. Buss
Mind the Gap: Cross-Sex Mind-Reading Surrounding Psychological Health Following Sexual Violence

B12 — Claudia Wimsatt, Caroline Lai, Virginia Chen, & Maria M. Arredondo, Ph.D.
Analyzing the Cognitive Advantage of Bilingualism in Memory Generalization Task Performance with Bilingual and Monolingual Toddlers

B13 — Chantal Alvarado, Yayu Du, Su Yeong Kim, Ph.D.
Language brokering conditions the indirect association between Mexican-origin adolescents’ academic discrimination and educational expectations

B14 — Cooper Anders
How does Congressional Polarization affect Election Results?

B15 — Daniel Ghaly, Maria Ghaly, Anya Chatterjee, Giselle Estrada, Kareena Shokar
Assessing Nutritional Knowledge, Eating Habits, and Food Accessibility Among UT Austin Students in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

B16 — Emily Reed, Arlene Rosen, Rolfe Mandel, Bryon Schroeder
Exploring Trans-Pecos Paleoenvironments: A Phytolith Analysis of the San Esteban Rockshelter

B17 — Jessica Villarreal, Yayu Du, Su Yeong Kim, Ph.D.
Age of Brokering Onset and Working Memory in Mexican-origin Adolescents

B18 — Katelyn Fisher, Rebecka K. Hahnel-Peeters, & David M. Buss
Intimate Guardians: Investigating Preliminary Data on Sex Differences in the Use of Romantic Partners as Bodyguards

B19 — Leah Tharakan
Media Framing in BLM Movement on Policy Outcomes

B20 — Sally Parampottil
Spiritual Minorities in a Secular State: South Asian Experiences in France Through Religious Practices

B22 — Jiaheng Lyu
Manchu Collaboration and Governance of Mongols in the Early Qing Dynasty 1583-1771

B23 — Ritesh Soule
The Texas Tornado: How Dr. Michael DeBakey Used the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft to Bridge Relations between the United States and the USSR/Russia

B24 — K. Miller, C. Lavinder, J. Missimer, A. Peebles, M. Martinez, A. Hall, M. Jones
Ethics of AI in the Art Classroom

B25 — Emily Manch
Ch’am K’awiil: The Role of Regalia, Icons, and the god K’awiil in Ancient Maya Kingship

B26 — Reagan Wells
Re-Centering the Public in Public Art: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

B27 — Jenesis Sabinas, Jane Simmons, Drue Antheron, Lusia Nnum, Ankitha Doma, Olivia Aranda, Sofia Rodriguez, Rae Gray.
Ethics in the Classroom

B29 — Anya Chatterjee, Daniel M. Ghaly, Maria M. Ghaly
Health Insurance Education for College Students

B31 — Dhruv Kumar, Adishwar Rao, Akriti Agrawal, Ishan Gupta, Saahith Garg, Rishi Panjala, Srikar Yeruva, Maria Patarroyo-Aponte, Farah Kazzaz, Bela Patel, Bindu Akkanti
Pulmonary hypertension and mortality predictors in patients with diastolic dysfunction: Insights from the 2020 National Inpatient Sample

B32 — Deekshita Sundararaman, Victoria Nemchek, Theresa Jones
Investigating the Expression of CD31 and FosB/ΔFosB following Motor Rehabilitation after Ischemic Stroke

B33 — Averye Bright, Jaidon Allen, Jay Alexander Ayson
Kneed Orthopedics Insights: Enhancing Sports Injury Prevention Through Targeted Awareness Campaigns

B34 — Marley Bartholomew, Shubhi Nanda, Aditya Vishnubhotla, Nico Osier
The physician-patient relationship and time: A systematic review

B35 — ML Brown, B Du Cruz, K Wilson, S McWilliam, JJ Dubose, PG Teixeira, MD Trust, J Aydelotte, S Ali, M Robert, CVR Brown
Civilian Prehospital Tourniquets for Extremity Trauma: More Common and Getting Better all the Time

B37 — Ellie Rahm Kim, Kadir Caner Akdemir
Structural Disruptions of the 3D Genome Architecture in Human Brain Cancer

B38 — Sasha Kadamba, Shubhi Nanda, Nico Osier
Photographs of the Brain: Explaining Traumatic Brain Injury and Neuroimaging Techniques to Kids

B39 — Kyoka Melton, Benjamin Southard, Dr. Zhenrong Cui
Formulation and Characterization of An Aerosolizable Dry Powder of an Anti-Tuberculosis Phage Using Thin-Film Freeze-Drying

B40 — Arshia Verma, Xu Zhang, Jack Saigusa, Juliana Johnson, Michael Keist, Ananya Kodali
Identifying Predictive Genes for Binge-Drinking Across Brain Regions

B42 — Chitraksh Pandey, Hayden Stegall
Exploring the ‘promiscuity’ of Rapamycin modules through hybrid PKS constructs

B43 — Dan A. Tatulescu, Qainaat Merchant, Ruben U. Tovar, John J. Jacisin, Thomas J. Devitt, Dana M. García, David M. Hillis
Quantifying disparate craniofacial morphology between the Texas blind salamander (E. rathbuni) and the San Marcos salamander (E. nana)

B44 — Daniel Song, Soo-Hyun Yang
Functional Implications of PARP1 Mutations in Cancer: Toward Targeted Therapies for Genetic Diseases

B45 — Shubhi Nanda, Grace Ugochukwu, Nico Osier
A Novel System for Tracking Volunteer Hours and Making Team-Wide Announcements Using Weekly Google Survey

B46 — Grace Ugochukwu, Shubhi Nanda, Ayeyi Obuobisah, Nico Osier
Intratumoral Immunotherapy: A Path to Systemic Immunity

B48 — Jeffrey You, Robert Marick, Ji-Hoon Lee, Tanya Paull
Interrogating the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) and its Dependence on the ATM Interacting Protein (ATMIN)

B49 — Joy Richardson, Rebecca Lewis
Chest Staining of Propithecus verreauxi

B50 — Kishore Botla, Montavius Coleman, Vasavi Shabrish, Molly Bray
Investigating the effects of acute shift work exposure on circadian rhythmicity and the stress response within murine hearts

B51 — Kristen Holladay, Robert J. Huebner, Juliette DesRosiers, John Wallingford
Unconventional regulators of axis elongation

B52 — Mauro Ferrer-Baez, Anthony Di Fiore, Andres Link
Vertebrate Visitation Patterns to Mineral Licks in Western Amazonia

B53 — Nina Mbonu, Aseda Obuobisah, Crystal B. Li, Aprile D. Benner
Parent Child Conflict and Adolescent Anxiety in Immigrant versus Non-Immigrant Families

B54 — Nicholas Bastia, Toshiharu Onodera, Philipp E Scherer
Renal PEPCK-C downregulation correlates with lowered systemic glucose homeostasis in mice

B56 — Amy Kim, Panisara Sutthipong, Mya LeVaughn, Nico Osier, PhD, RN
Brain Chemicals That Make Us Happy or Sad

B57 — Sarina A. Attri, Dale S. Mantey, PhD, MPA, Andrew E. Springer, DrPH, Baojiang Chen, PhD, Steven H. Kelder, PhD
Social Norms and E-Cigarette Susceptibility and Ever Use Among Sixth Grade Students

B58 — Sannidhya Desai
Development of a ‘dark box’ system for testing and calibration of SiPMs

B59 — Victoria Salazar, Floriane Leclercq, John Chisholm, Gary J. Hill, Gregory R. Zeimann
Using Mg II Doublet Ratios to Predict the Escape Fraction of Lyman Continuum from 14 HETDEX Galaxies

B60 — Vibha Annaswamy, Dr. Kasia Dinkeloo
The Nurdleome: Metagenomic sequencing of microbes found on coastal microplastics

B61 — Wei Gao, Jing Lian Ng, Wennie Wang
Exploring the Role of Vacancies in Iron Oxides

B63 — Jason Dahlberg, Daniel O. Breecker, Timothy M. Gallagher, Morgan Mellum, Nicole Czwakiel
Determining vertical CO2 fluxes in soil pore space gas and potential relations to soil moisture and temperature

B64 — Madison Fail, Mariana Rivas, Danielle Zaleski
Analysis of Microplastics in Sediment: The Effects of Urban Development on Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas

B65 — Ayanna Rucker, Michaela LaPatin, Nicola Ritsch, Lynn E. Katz, Kasey M. Faust
Hauled Water Systems in Rural Alaska: Household Challenges and Responses

B66 — Ayush RoyChowdhury, Mulong Luo, Mohit Tiwari
Understanding and Improving Cache-Timing Attack and Detection with Explainable AI

B68 — Cameron Jobson
Innovating NICU Care with Clinical Decision Support Algorithms

B70 — Pawan Kashyap
A Novel TKEO-AGLR EMG Onset Detection Algorithm using Laplacian-Gaussian Mixture Model

B71 — Sourish Wawdhane, Avinash Kumar, Poulami Das (Faculty Advisor)
War of Quantum Frameworks: Quolingo’s Clever Cure

B72 — Sunshine Leeuwon and Naveed Ahmed
Easily-Accessible Human Skin-Fat Muscle Phantoms for Dependable In-Vitro Testing of Biomedical Devices

B73 — Avika Rahim
Primary Adrenal Insufficiency and Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome: A look into S1P Lyase Deficiency

Session C — 1-2:30 p.m.
C01 — Sungwon Jung, Saatvik Aggarwal, Pranav G Bhuvanagiri, Dhiraj Murthy, Hannah Sepnio
Analysis of Vape Brands on TikTok and Instagram

C02 — Michael Minton
Per-Pupil Education Spending and its Effect on Incarceration Rates

C03 — Teresa Ji
The Impact of Congressional Attention on Childhood Nutrition Outcomes

C04 — Anjana Reddy and Lauren Sukhu
Prevalence of techniques used to reduce restraint and seclusion in schools

C05 — Ali Hajibeigi
Analysis of Climate Impacts on Opinion

C06 — Britney Tran
Why It Happens Again: Genocide as a Weapon of War

C07 — Elizabeth Tomoloju
Broadening and Breakthroughs: A Deep Dive into the Relationship Between the Great Broadening and Scientific Development in the 21st Century

C08 — Elizabeth Gillam
The Ethics of Capitalism: How Grassroots Organizations Emerged in a Neoliberal State

C09 — Francisca Centron Seguel
‘Out of Chaos’: The Development of an Evaluation Tool to Inform Youth Gun Violence Prevention Efforts in Pittsburgh

C10 — Isabel Webb Carey
Dis-connected but Online: Lives of Transnational Lifestyle Migrants in Mexico City

C11 — Juan Name
Executive Regulation in America: a study of the CFR and party politics

C12 — Jessica Harrison, Keryn Pasch PhD MPH
Effects of Feelings of Community Disorganization on the Relationship between Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Binge Drinking

C13 — Peralta, J., Carrasco, A.S., Jumonville, G.A.
Looking Through the Lens of Partner Perception: Exploring the Impact of Attachment Style and Perceived Empathy on Relationship Satisfaction

C14 — Jessica Roca
Calculating Chance: John von Neumann, Oskar Morgenstern and the Story of Game Theory

C15 — Emily Yang, Emma Gueorguieva, and Desmond C. Ong
Empathy Unleashed: Exploring the Impact of Cultivating Unlimited Empathy Mindset on Engaging in Empathic Effortful Behaviors

C16 — Kayla Nustad
Senate Bill 17: Documenting a Moment in UT’s History of Integration and Inclusion

C17 — Linda Trevino
Children’s Probabilistic Reasoning in the context of COVID-19

C18 — Mina Fassa, Diana Orozco-Lapray, Su Yeong Kim
Let’s Talk About It: Parent Communication on Early Childhood Sexuality Milestones

C19 — Pierce George
Regulation after Recession: The Effect of Recessions on Attention to Banking Regulation

C20 — Swetha Ayinala, Laura L.S. Werner, and Jarrod A. Lewis-Peacock
Inhibition of Return: A Behavioral Indicator of Maintenance Suppression?

C21 — Simon Bloesch
Cutting The Gordian Knot; A Quantitative Analysis of the Supreme Court’s Docket Selection

C22 — William Costello, Andrew G. Thomas, Joseph Whittaker, Tatum Green
Predicting Harm Among Incels (Involuntary Celibates)

C23 — Wala Alaruqih, Benjamin Baird, Ph.D.
Exploring Physical Activity Patterns: Insights from the Whole Communities–Whole Health Cohort

C24 — Ximena Castro, William Costello, Carin Perilloux, Andrew G.Thomas, Steve Stewart-Williams, David M.Buss,
The Sister Guarding Hypothesis

C25 — Amrit Ghosh
American Hindutva: Evaluating Indian Diaspora Nationalism

C26 — Lexi Estevane
Navigating Waves of Vulnerability: Black Sailors and Family Building in 18th-Century Lorient, France

C27 — Cedar A. Etherington
Digital Contextualization of the Battle Casts: A Chronological Approach

C29 — Cecilia Ortiz
Marked by Nation: The Role of Nationality in the Japanese Comfort Stations

C30 — Tyler Dickenson
Deceased Referent’ as a Grammatical Category in Languages of Amazonia

C31 — Isha Bhasin
Mapping Violence Risk in Mexico with Survey Data

C32 — Marco Pevia
The Impact of Heritage Spanish Instruction on the Linguistic and Social Anxieties of Heritage Spanish Speakers

C34 — Mirhanda Cardenas, Menelaos Apostolou, Mark Sullman, Béla Birkás, Agata Błachnio, Ekaterina Bushina, Fran Calvo, William Costello,Tanja Dujlovic, Tetiana Hill
Mating Performance and Singlehood Across 14 Nations

C35 — Nicholas Trevino
Superstar Activism: Effects of Athlete Activism and Protest on Civil Rights Legislation

C36 — Riley Church
Nuns for the Summer: Cloistered Communities in Contemporary Context

C39 — Emily R. Rangel, Kristin J. Teplanksy, Jun Wang
An Investigation of the 3-D Acoustic Vowel Space In Early- and Late-Stage ALS

C40 — Aditya Vishnubhotla, Amaniya Hayat, & Nico Steel Osier
A Novel Database to Support Student Success in Writing Abstracts and Designing Presentations

C41 — Vedin Barve, Yoori Yoon, Sunwoo Kim, Aditya Vishnubhtla
Greener Pastures: Spreading Our Proven paper Writing Strategy through Grass Roots Development of a Novel Signature Course

C42 — Jen Kim
Smart Hand Tools

C43 — Henry Castillo, Umer Khan
Minecraft Generative Modelling

C44 — Amaniya Hayat, Abhinav Harihar, Kylie Bui, Hector Garcia, Nico Osier
Three-Parent Babies – Techniques to Prevent Mitochondrial Disorders

C45 — Amaniya Hayat, Vedin Barve, Yoori Yoon, Nico Osier
A Novel Approach to Inclusion of Undergraduate Volunteers in the Creation of an Open Educational Resource

C46 — Amaniya Hayat, Kylie Bui, Nico Osier
Facilitating Authorship of FYM Papers Using a Step By Step Guide and Check In System

C47 — Adrian Storey, Ashley Holcomb, Kellen Watts
Positive Pulse – Implications of Diverse Cardiac Disorders on Adolescent Populations

C48 — Daniel Saied
Skin Cancer & Its Impact on Public Health

C49 — Joshua Ito, Valeria Aceves, Ryan Gray
Adgrg6 is Implicated in the Postnatal Stability of the Spine

C50 — Megha Bhatia, Angeline De Guia, Vedin Barve, Nico Osier, PHD, RN
Onboarding Processes and Methods for New Member Acclimation and Retention In Undergraduate-Led Lab

C51 — Sriya Dommaraju, Alan Lambowitz, Elizabeth Kiddie, Christopher Smith
Direct RNA Biomarker Validation in Inflammatory Breast Cancer Plasma

C52 — Sanika Mhatre, Maria Ghaly, Gillian Witten, Sree Krithi Meduri, Peter Haseok Kim, Alexander Carruth, Brandon Altillo
Patient Barriers to Prescribed Treatment Plan at a Student-Run Free Clinic: A Retrospective Chart Review

C53 — Sanika Mhatre, Katie Se, Krishna Hariprasad, Rosa Martinez, Alexis de Montfort Shepherd, Sahana Prabhu
Bridging Gaps with Patient-Centered Care: A Quality Improvement Initiative at a Student-Run Free Clinic

C54 — Tony Zhu, Dr. Jack Virostko
Volumetric Visualization of Pancreatic Disorders

C55 — Arianna Fa1, Tyler Olmo, B.S.2, Dr. Seongmin Lee, Ph.D.3
Bypass of N6-methyladenine by Pol Eta

C56 — Elizabeth A. Recker, Ji-Won Kim, Audrie N. Ibanez, Zachariah A. Page
3D-Printing Multimaterial Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs) Leveraging Phase Separation Strategies

C57 — Arushi Sharma, Emily Javan, Lauren Ancel Meyers
Modeling Patient Hospital Choice for Respiratory Diseases in Austin, TX

C58 — Aadhunik Sundar, Gerald P. Maeda, Nancy A. Moran
Genetic determination of Fukatsuia symbiotica’s antifungal activity

C59 — Arjun Seth
Decrease in Social Status Influences Exploratory Behavior in Mice

C60 — Berkeley Ho, Ethan Yu, Susanna Kim, Sofia Mauri, Rohan Patel, Panhapich Chea, Alec Weigel, Riddhi Salotra, Dr. Pamela Walsh, Dr. Diana Zamora-Olivares‚ Dr. Eric V. Anslyn
Applications of differential sensing and LC-MS to Brown Algae classification and characterization

C62 — Emily Yemington, Maia Stern, Dalton Towers, Winnie Pickens, Juyeon Park, Will Voss, Jeffrey Marchioni, Jason Lavinder, Andrew Ellington, & George Georgiou
Polyreactive Adaptive Immune Responses in the Plasma

C63 — Geoffrey Englin, Angel Martinez
Synthesis and analysis of Nd0.8Sr0.2NiO3 thin films

C64 — Hannah Cutright, Leah Truckenbrod, Merrick Garner, Nadia Carlos, Andrea Gore, Caitlin A. Orsini
Effects of ER alpha and ER beta agonists on female risky decision making

C65 — Leila Gautier
Analyzing the Proteolytic Activity of the SPRTN-Nudix Domain

C66 — Lindsey King
Dance of the Data: Predictive Modeling for Dancing with the Stars Success

C67 — Makynzie Kitzmann, Josh Beckham
Using Virtual Screening to Identify Inhibitors of S. aureus D-alanine D-alanine Ligase

C68 — Meghna Paul, Dr. Soo Hyun Yang, Dr. Tanya Paull
Studying the Effects of Inducing Site-Directed Mutagenesis in the PARP1 Gene

C71 — Naimisha Vunnam, Nadia V. Bibb, and Elizabeth T.C. Lippard
Neural Responses to Psychosocial Stress in Young Adults with Bipolar Disorder and a History of Peer Victimization

C72 — Olivia Castillo, Aalim Abdullah, & Wenrui Chai
Critical Dimer: An Improved Dimer Method for Finding Saddle Points Using Bader Critical Topology Analysis (BCTA)

C73 — Rohith Gajjala, Dr. Soo-Hyun Yang
Examination of SPRTN Metalloprotease Mechanism in Resolving DNA-Protein Crosslinks and Critical Role in Ruijs-Aalfs Syndrome

C76 — Sarah Nguyen, Shubhi Nanda, Crystal Nguyen, Grace Ugochukwu, Nico Osier
Mitochondrial Diseases: When the Powerhouse Malfunctions

C77 — Weiyu Lin
Using Computer Vision to Study Wave-like Behaviors in Fusion Plasma Turbulence

C78 — Eesha Bilal, Dr. Yael R. Glazer, Dr. Doug Sassaman, Dr. Carolyn C. Seepersad, Dr. Michael E. Webber
Circularity: Understanding the Environmental Tradeoffs of Additive Manufacturing with Waste Plastics

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