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Undergraduate Presenters

The Longhorn Research Poster Session exhibits scholarly and creative work and gives students from across a variety of colleges and schools the chance to present their achievements to a campus-wide audience. Presenters will participate in one of three 90-minute sessions (9-10:30 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., and 1-2:30 p.m.).

Session A — 9-10:30 a.m.
Gustavo Ramos, Student Researcher, College of Liberal Arts; Jose R. Palma, Ph.D., & Sooyong Lee, Educational Psychology
Applying Evidence-Centered Assessment Framework in AP World History: A Case Study of a Classroom in California

Lalitha Kaligotla
Reading Interventions for Students with ADHD and Reading Difficulty Comorbidity

Zeynep Korkmaz, Yu-An (Michael) Kuo, Trung (Ted) Nguyen, Yuan-I (Nina) Chen, Soonwoo Hong, Limin Chen, Yujie (Janet) He, Natalie Nguyen, Jacob Baker, Tim Yeh
Massively Parallel Optimization of Fluorogenic RNA Aptamers

Sara Murillo, Jerry Potts, Sergio Castellanos
Transportation Electrification: Evaluating Pathways for Sustainable Electric Vehicle Adoption in Texas

Jihu Lee and Dr. Sergio Castellanos
Assessing techno-economic viability of solar energy & storage systems to power UT Austin’s Buildings

Melina Olivas
From Caribbean to Convent: Pauline’s Experience With the Catholic Church and Slavery in Early Modern France

Ali Reidy, Megan Gilbert, Trace Osborne, Sam Hernandez, Matthew Willis
Mapping Violence in Medieval Japan

Lira Amari Ramirez
Genaro García (1867-1920): Fostering Mexican Indigenismo, “Defaming” the Spanish Race & Advancing National Education

Eesha Nayak, Madalyn Rosenthal, Marissa Burgermaster
Nutri ©, an AI Tool to Support Patient-Physician Communication about Nutrition: Inference Engine Validation

Gift Owolabi
Vision Therapy as an Academic Intervention for Children with ADHD

Gillian Witten, Logan Rouse, Monica J. Hernandez, Abhinav Harihar
CRISPR Applications in Glioblastoma: A Systematic Review

Ahmed Rehman
Exploring the Experiences of Underrepresented Minorities in Medical Schools: A Novel Framework Based on Bourdieu’s Theory of Capital

Aakriti Singla, David B. Haslam, Joel E. Mortensen, Mark E. Murphy
Time-Kill Study of Antifungal Agents Against Trichosporon Fungi

Sumedha Kota
Hands-On Healing: OMT as an Adjunctive Therapy to Reduce Opioid Misuse and Addiction in Palliative Care

Sanya Kotian, Abbey M. Hamlin, BA, & Alexandra L. Clark, PhD
The effects of physical activity on memory and hippocampal volumes in a community-based sample of older adults in Texas.

Ethan Yu, Susanna Kim, Daniela Garcia, Jessica Richardson, Chris Robles, Karen Chahda, Maximiliano Ledesma, Mindy Tran, Dr. Diana Zamora-Olivares, Dr. Eric V. Anslyn
Classification of Seaweeds Using Differential Sensing and Metabolite Characterization via Untargeted Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics

Zoe Swisher, Isma Khokhar, Dr. Josh T. Beckham, Dr. Walter L. Fast
Combating bacterial resistance: Finding potential inhibitors of New Delhi Metallo-β-Lactamase 24 and 31

Ethan Kulkarni
Surfactant Protein A Interaction with Neonatal Lung Physiology in Hyperoxia using a Murine Model

Jose Martinez, Alexa Ramirez, and Dr. Josh Beckham
Discovery of potential inhibitors of New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase 1 and the creation of its clinical variants

Jeffrey Chuong
Using Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 to Detect Pathogenic DNA

Gillian Witten
mScarlet and split fluorophore mScarlet resources for plasmid-based CRISPR/Cas9 knock-in in C. elegans

Tiffany Lu, Yulin Song, Nancy A. Moran
Evolution of A Honeybee Snodgrassella alvi Strain in Bumblebee Gut

Malak Tousson, Arsalaan Asad
Kinetic Characterization of Potential Uncompetitive Inhibitors of DEAH-Box Helicase 36 (DHX36) for the Disruption of c-MYCG-Quadruplexes

Galina Bouyer
Multiple Paths to One Final Black Hole

Noe Reyna, Murielle Alund, Mariana Rodriguez-Santiago, Jenny W Boughman, Hans A Hofmann, and Rebecca L Young
Coming to one’s senses: Stickleback molecular processing and neuroanatomy vary across environments

Riddhi Bheda
FabV as a Potential Drug Target for Yersinia Pestis

Martha E. Treviño, Mendee Geist, Fernando I. Guillen, Jessica H. Chancey, Mackenzie A. Howard
Effects of Dravet Syndrome on Behavior and Locomotion

Ellie Rahm Kim, Kadir Caner Akdemir
Computational Investigation of Single Nucleotide Driver Mutations and Tumor Evolution Using Chromatin Conformation Data

Jessica Perez-Saldana & Samantha Tapia
Engaging the Latinx Population in Cognitive Research

Nicholas Hartman, Ruben Tovar, Tom Devitt, Dana Garcia, David Hillis
Convergent eye reduction among Central Texas Eurycea

Emily Aguilar-Pine, Kathryn Currie
Asgard archaea provide new insights into the origin of eukaryotic viral defense systems

Izabella De la Garza
The Correlation Between Social Welfare Policies and the Hispanic Poverty Rate

Isabella Waltz
Disabled Voter Turnout & Ballot Types

Daniela Serrano
The Effect of Access to Family Planning Resources on Maternal Mortality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Travis Christoff
The Effects of the Nuclear Option on Political Polarization

Jordyn Tunnell
Governmental Attention to Education

Loren Nix
Thawing the Cold War: Analyzing the Impact of Foreign Sentiment on STEM Policy

Kathryn Coleman
Interest Group Spending: Does it Harm the Environment?

Abigail Romeo, Angelique Trotter
Applied Psychology Lab: Finding Focus

Sophia Cardenas, Emily Norman, & Keri K. Stephens
Living With Robots

Brooke Jordan, Nicole Steiner, Katharine Tillman
Conceptual Development of Biases in Perception of Pain Across Race, Sex, and Age

Frances Cates, Nikita Kakkad
Establishing a Need for an Emergency Contraception Vending Machine Post-S.B. 8 at UT Austin

Lilly Goodwin
The Impact of Statewide Poverty on Maternal Mortality

Melis Demiralp
Development of Specialized Fears

Connor Browne, John Ory, Rachel Schick
Polarization and Efficacy: Representing the American Public in the Modern World

Sneha Kesavan
Aggressive/Defiant Behaviors and Inhibition in Executive Function

Pranav Atreya
High-speed Control of an Autonomous Mobile Robot

Brian Matibag
Examining Intergenic Regions in the Plastid Genome of Epizoic Achnanthes elongata for Genetic Markers

Valeria Calucho
Panuco Swordtails: Sociality & Behavioral Development

Amy Nguyen
Factors Contributing To Pediatric Obesity

Neerul Gupta, Zachary Bretton-Granatoor, Jarrod Lewis-Peacock
Anxiety and Affective Intrusive Thinking

Session B — 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Katherine Ospina, Carmen Whitten, Bianca Busogi
Do-No-Harm, Do-More-Good: Building for Sustainability in the Galapagos

Ingrid Piña
Stranded by the United States: Venezuelan Migrants Fill the Gaps in Migration Policy Communication

Sidh Pandit, Ilanah Lattka, Beiming Cao, Jun Wang
Silent Vowel Classification using a Wearable Electromagnetic Tongue Tracking Device

Caroline Osborn
Playground Communication Boards: Amenities of Inclusion in Play and Communication

Valeria Aldana, Haley Daniels, Maria E. Garcia, Marina Newlin
Inclusion in the Art Classroom

Tatiana Julien
Confirming sRNA Transcriptional Regulators in E. coli

Juan Carrillo, Alexandra Mendoza, Elizabeth Rawson, Phoenix Saavedra
Leveraging Additive Manufacturing to Design a Customized Personal Floatation Device Framework

Shawn Hsueh
POV Display in Diabolo

Philippe E. Papa
Camphene-Based Free Standing Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Hannah Lee, Zane Johnson, Spencer Denton, Gina Perkins, Dr. Deji Akinwande, Dr. Dmitry Kireev, and Dr. Emily Porter
Feasibility of Wearable Graphene Tattoo Impedance Tomography System for Skin Cancer Detection

Ally Horn and Sarah Wilson
Key Elements in Socially Engaged Art Education

Mik-Everett “Whim” Krueger-Inabnit
LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Contemporary U.S. Art Education

Paul Oancea
Waves and the Brain

Molly Willhoit, Leslie Martinez Lopez, Sarah Choi
LGBT Censorship in Texas Education

Caroline Mackin, Dr. Christopher Lowery, Dr. John Goff, Dr. Sean Gulick, Carson Miller
Paleoenvironmental Analysis on A Core Collected Offshore Galveston Bay to Reconstruct the Trinity River Paleovalley

Alexis Estevane
Jacques Zéphir Rivière and Surviving the Difficult: Black Community and Perseverance in 18th-Century France

Faizan Khan
Identifying ancient intra-monastic pathways among Gandharan Buddhist sites through GIS

Kaylee DeWalt
Facilitating Tourism in the Amazon During Brazil’s Military Dictatorship

Kayla Nustad
“Aquele Abraco”: Brazilian Protest Music in the Face of Repression

Sally Parampottil
Analyzing Representations of Torture Through Augusto Boal’s Torquemada

Hayden Juroska
Provenance, Cultural Heritage, and Ethics: The History of the Art and Art History Collection

Srila Palanikumar
Exploring the history of marine phenomena in ancient Greece and Rome

Ria Antony, Victoria Chang, My-Thuan Huy Ha-Hoang, Julio C. Penaloza Refugio, Joe Eduard Valdez Rucker, Ayse Gursoy
Toxic By Design: Exploring the Relationship of Game Affordances and Negative Behavior

Megha Bhatia, Sasha Kadamba, Rose Angeline de Guia, Hiba Ansari, Dr. Nico Osier
Babies Under Bili Lights: Explaining Infant Jaundice to Kids

Amaniya Hayat, Abhinav Harihar, Celeste Gonzalez, Nico Osier
The Stages of Cancer Treatment

Daniel Saied
Skincare Products and Their Importance For a Healthy Stratum Corneum

Vish Nair
Vish NairTrauma & Attention: The correlation and biopsychosocial implication of ADHD & ACE score

Nisarg Shah, Vikas Burugu, Farzad Salehpour, M.S., Roger Davis, M.D., M.S., Douglas Barrett, Ph.D., and F. Gonzalez-Lima, Ph.D.
Transcranial Infrared Laser Stimulation (TILS) Improves Impulsivity Inhibition in Adults With ADHD

Aalim Abdullah, Wenrui Chai
Studying Chemical Reactions Using Topology

Victoria Salazar, Dr. Floriane Leclercq, Professor John Chisholm
Using Mg II Doublet Ratios to Predict the Escape Fraction of Lyman Continuum from 7 HETDEX Galaxies

Amtul-noor Rana, Bonnie M. Scott, Ph.D., Jared F. Benge, Ph.D., & Robin C. Hilsabeck, Ph.D.
Validity of the tele-administered Montreal Cognitive Assessment for identifying cognitive impairments in older adults

Hailey Currie, Marilyn J. Wells, Vernita D. Gordon
Using Multiple Particle Tracking Microrheology to Characterize the Viscoelasticity of Enzyme Treated Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms

Naiesa Freeman
Frequency Response Characteristics of Fluid-Immersed Hair Beds

Rupali R. Chowdhry
RNase A Spherical Nucleic Acids as Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

Sam Webb, Nolan Bentley, Aleah Henderson-Carter, Thomas Juenger
Characterization of HMA5, a Copper Transport Gene in Panicum hallii, a Potential Biofuel Source

Galilea Dupree; Megan Thomas Hebdon, PhD, DNP, RN, NP-c
Indebted by Blood: Examining the Impact of “Familismo” on Latinx Millenial Caregivers

Nico Osier, Joanne Navales, Yoori Yoon, Vedin Barve, Megha Bhatia, Angeline De Guia
Educational Development of Cultural Humility in Future Healthcare Professionals

Surya Dasgupta
Policymakers and Protectionism: Do Congresses Agree with their Presidents on Trade Policy?

Isabelle Costello, Armin A. Dorri, Oralia Loza, Erica Cizeck, Paul Fliedner, Sheridan Aguilar, Amy L. Stone, Phillip W. Schnarrs
The COVID-19 & You Study: A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Experiences of LGBTQ+ Texans

Joshua B. Loya
The Responsiveness of Foreign Trade Policy: How Presidential Attention Responds to Public Opinion

Anjali Gladson, Max Ruthart, Jennings Young
The Edge of Tomorrow: The Unintended Consequences of Peacebuilding

Colin Crawford
How SCOTUS Has Impacted African American Enrollment in Higher Education

Isaiah Rodriguez
How Does Congressional Attention Vary Based on the Victims of Mass Shootings?

Katie Betschart, Peyton Williams
Policing and Voter Turnout

Camryn Trevino
Need for Better Measures in Assessing Adolescent Psychopathy

Georgia Letchford
LGB Parenting & Institutional Interactions

Lauren Ohler
Endogenous tagging in mouse embryonic stem cells to observe cell polarity and embryonic development

Alejandra Jimenez
Determinants of Constitutional Demise

Abigail Romeo, Jose Palma
Engaging Students from Historically Underrepresented Groups in the Creation of a Global Skills Development Assessment Tool

Lipika Chatur
Looking for Spatial Variations in Dark Energy from Supernova Data

Dalia Vazquez, Paul C. Adams
Texas Latinos and Climate Change Communication

Session C — 1-2:30 p.m.
Yankun Chen, Austin Keller, Pranav Jignesh Thacker
Theoretical Prediction Model of Reaction Enthalpy of Aprotic Heterocyclic Anion (AHA) Ionic Liquids and Carbon Dioxide

Hannah Lee, Kanishka Mitra, Deland Liu, Leon Hsieh, and Dr. José del R. Millán
Classification of Error-Related Potentials in the Sensor and Source Domain Using Gel and Polymer-Hydrogel Electrodes

Michelle Brun
Maya Weavers Past and Present: Maya Textile Traditions Through Space and Time

Alessandra Dominguez
Nasca Landscape: The Influence of Volatile Climates on Ceramic Iconography

Amy Shreeve
I’m Going There Someday: Space, Place, and the 1835 Latter-day Saint Hymnal

Ashton Thiemer
Differences in Trauma Patient Outcomes based on Insurance and Geographic Status: A Literature Review

Helaina Musa
Characteristics of Members of Congress Who Introduce Abortion Bills

Natalie K. Bruno
Río Azul: Reinterpreting an Ancient Maya City

Pavel Olariu
Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine into a Novel Oncology Center

Celeste Gonzalez, Amaniya Hayat, Shubhi Nanda, Nico Osier
Video Games as Treatment for ADHD

Rianna Godula, Jessica M Perez, Jon M Huibregtse
Characterizing the mechanism of ISG15 secretion in response to viral and microbial pathogens

Maria Ghaly
Keeping Austin Fed: Evaluating Barriers to Food Pantry Access for UT Austin (UT) Students and the Austin Community

Saket Bala
CraniaCam: Machine-Learning Aided Early Detection and Classification of Malignant and Benign Brain Tumors Via Analysis of Ophthalmoscope Images

Aarati Parajulee
The Psychological Impact of Family Separation on Refugee Children

Kevin Shi
Effects of Native Language Structure on Child Acquisition of Time Words

Mei Robson, Deborah Parra-Medina, Minyu Zhang
Distorted Mirrors: Perceived body image versus actual body mass index among middle-aged Mexican adults

Navya Chunduru
Effects of Surface Passivation on Superconducting Qubits

Emily Ricketson
Behavioral Modeling of Polygenic Mutations in ASD Patients

Kishore Botla, Montavius Coleman, Vasavi Shabrish, Molly Bray
Investigating the effects of acute shift work exposure on circadian rhythmicity and the stress response within murine hearts

Vedika Shirtekar, Brenda Chavez, Dr. Chris Law
Sexual Dimorphism in Mustelid Jaw Morphology

Lorena Sandoval-Mejia, Josh T. Beckham
Identifying potential novel inhibitors of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in Trypanosoma brucei

Huy Le BSN Honors Nursing Student, Lynn Rew EdD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
An integrative review: Stigma and discrimination against unhoused youth

Raj Raval
Does exposure to environmental chemicals disrupt reproductive development?

Isabel Tomkins
Congressional Concern for Adoption and Foster Care

Joshua Lehrer
Food for Thought: Congressional Policy Responses to Economic Variables in Agriculture

Anna Port
The Evolution of the ADA: How Different Parties within Congress have Responded to Americans with Disabilities

Arlinne Montemayor Hernandez
The Great Broadening, Government Expansion, and Human Development

Lauren Esparza
Mass shootings: An epidemic of violence

Diana Geng, Leaya Finner
Examining the Influence of Narcos in Colombia

Maria Luiza Daczuk
United States Congress Attention to Brazil, 1820-Present

Brooke Betts
Do Diplomas Make Differences? A Study on How Education Levels of Immigrants Can Effect American Opinions

Fiorella Forno
Anxiety, Personality, and Romantic Relationships

Ainsley Dorsey
Contraceptive Deserts and Maternal Homicides: Lessons from a Novel Mapping of Texas

Paola Celis-Ramirez (Health Science Scholar), Elizabeth Widen, Ph.D., Deborah Jacobvitz, Ph.D., & Maria M. Arredondo, Ph.D.
Assessing Differences in Memory Flexibility Between Bilingual and Monolingual Infants During A Deferred Imitation Task

Joaquin Urquiza-Perez, B.S., Jordana Breton, B.A., Alexandra L. Clark, Ph.D.
The Effects of Physical Activity and Metabolic Syndrome on Cognitive Functioning in Latino Older Adults

Elizabeth Cortes
School Shootings and Education Bills

Jingying Jian, Mo Chen, Shaun Goh
COVID-19 and the Use of Telepractice in Speech Therapy Services in Singapore

David Park, Ling-Kai Shih, Subhas Mukherjee, Daniel J. Brat
Hypoxic regulation of glioblastoma tumor growth through L(3)MBTL1

Sucharita Banerjee
Analysis of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties for Molybdenum Alloys

Natalie Cole
Energy inequality in climate hazards: Empirical evidence of social and spatial disparities in managed and hazard-induced power outages

Emily Curtis
Marketing Misery and Selling Sang: Commercialization of Demotivation

Yilin Li
Effect of Crime Victims’ Compensation Program on Reported Sexual Assault across Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paola Hernandez
How Communication Affects Young Adults with Cancer

Joseph Chen
The Colozalizationator: a novel ImageJ plugin for semi-automated cell colocalization analysis

Nadia Khalil, Lalitha Kaligotla, Hira Umer, Sanjana Kumar
Improving the Accessibility of Aptamer Research to Diversify Applications

Jennifer Rojas
Living BIM: Semantically Annotated 3D point Cloud Data Set

Brandon Watanabe
The Impact of Working Memory Load on Error Monitoring