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Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaches help you develop and implement effective strategies that will help you achieve your academic goals at UT Austin. Coaches are undergraduates trained and supervised by learning specialists. Services are provided free to currently enrolled students. For more information on Peer Academic Coaching, contact Darcy Barrick, program coordinator. We offer both ongoing and single-appointment coaching topics including:

Recurring Coaching (Fall and Spring)


Meet regularly each week with your own peer coach for individualized support and accountability across time. You can expect to learn an overview of effective academic techniques and have time to tailor them to the demands of your specific courses.

The program was designed for undergraduates, and space is limited. Participants are accepted until the program is full and as additional spots open during the semester. Please note that applications for each long semester go live the first day of classes.

Single Appointment Coaching


Schedule a one-time appointment for personalized guidance on any of the topics listed below.

  • Study Tips for New/Incoming Students
    New to campus? Let an experienced UT student set you off on the right path to getting the results you want in class.
  • Semester Planning: Getting Off to a Good Start
    Ready to set yourself up for success? Let a coach help you create useful organizing structures to get everything done.
  • Adjusting to Online Courses
    Wondering how to successfully manage your online or hybrid courses? Figure out what it takes with a trained coach.
  • Time Management and Planning
    Having trouble getting it all done? Tired of living in crisis mode? Learn practical systems for analyzing what needs to be done, breaking down tasks into manageable steps, and prioritizing to get everything done in the amount of time you have.
  • Introduction to Effective Study Strategies
    Are your study methods not quite getting you the results you want? Learn a variety of proven study strategies that you can apply to your specific courses.
  • Improving and Maintaining Motivation
    In a slump? Don’t know where to start? Just can’t get yourself going? Learn specific motivational activities to get you—and keep you—moving toward your academic goals.
  • Effective Concentration
    Are you having difficulty taking in new information or paying attention while you study? It’s a common problem, and we have some strategies to help.
  • Planning for Tests and Final Exams
    Major tests on the horizon? Coaches can help you prioritize, break down the preparation process into manageable steps, and plan your time to ensure readiness. You are welcome to book at any time, but we encourage booking at least two weeks in advance if possible to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Conversational English
    If you are a non-native English language learner, we’re happy to help you work on your informal conversation skills.