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Transfer-Student Profiles

Read the profiles, below, for words of wisdom from current and past transfer students. To learn more about each student and their transfer experience, click on their name.

UT shield in burnt orange
Major: Mathematics
I love the pride my children have when they tell others that their mom is a Longhorn.
UT shield in burnt orange
Major: Neuroscience
There are a lot of people who will be quick to say you can't do this with kids, but you absolutely can.
Miguel Robles TYE student headshot
Major: Communication Studies
"Join things!"
A photo of Richard from the shoulders up while he is standing outside of a building and wearing a black polo shirt.
Major: History
Find your balance. You need time to study, but you also need to spend time with your family and, occasionally, time away from both school and family.
Sarah Higgins TYE student headshot
Major: Health Promotion
"Walk around like you own the place."
Stephanie Jeannert TYE mentor headshot
Major: B.S. Psychology/Pre-med
"Start early, whatever your goals are."