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Transfer Credits

As a transfer student, it is extremely important to make sure prior coursework transfers properly to your degree plan at UT Austin. Check out these resources and answers to common transfer credit questions.

To start transferring credits, submit official transcript of all attempted coursework from each of your prior institutions.

The Automated Transfer Equivalency System is a database of all courses offered at Texas institutions and can help students understand which courses automatically transfer into UT Austin.

Once you are admitted to the university, the Interactive Degree Audit tool allows you to see how you are progressing through your degree plan. This tool provides an estimate of how your credits apply to your required coursework. It can also help you plan for future classes and understand additional requirements for minors and certificates.

For classes that do not transfer automatically but may meet the requirement for a certain course, there are petition processes in place. There are separate petition processes depending on which degree requirement you feel the course fulfills:

To petition a class for your major, minor, and/or certificate, ask your academic or program advisor.