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Transfer Student Leadership Summit


The few opportunities that exist for colleges and universities to come together and discuss transfer student success are incredibly powerful for staff and faculty members. However, students have even fewer opportunities to attend or participate in these impactful discussions. The Transfer-Year Experience (TYE) program within the School of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Texas at Austin is excited to host a convening to help strengthen transfer support among students, staff, and faculty.

TYE will take Spring 2024 to revisit the Transfer Summit’s mission and build upon the current format to meet the needs of transfer student leaders.

Who Should Attend?

The Summit aims to attract students who are currently making a difference for transfer students at their campus or those who are interested in starting transfer support initiatives at their institution. Attendees should not only include transfer students but student leaders who support transfer students. Staff and faculty members are welcome to participate and may co-present with students.