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Join a Transfer-Year Interest Group

A Transfer-Year Interest Group (TrIG) is a group of 18-25 first-year transfer students who take one or two courses together during their first semester at The University of Texas at Austin. Each group meets with a peer mentor and a staff facilitator throughout the semester to discuss timely issues related to the academic transition to campus. TrIG students build communities as they attend classes, study, and participate in various activities and events with their mentor and fellow new transfer students.

Why Join a TrIG?

Enrolling in a TrIG gives you a number of advantages.

  • Reserved seats in your clustered courses
  • Built-in peer network with fellow transfer students
  • TrIG Mentor: A current transfer student who will help you through your transition and move you toward your goals
  • Timely exposure to campus resources throughout the semester
  • Study strategies tailored to fit the experiences of transfer students with college experience
  • Greater awareness of support services within your college or department

Through your TrIG, you’ll connect with students who share your academic interests, connect with university faculty and staff, and have a peer mentor to guide you through your first semester.

TrIG Mentors

Each TrIG is assigned a peer mentor. Your mentor is your guide through your first college semester. Mentors lead seminars, arrange activities and events, and meet with students one-on-one or in small groups throughout the semester. Your mentor will help you with any questions or challenges that come up during your first semester on the Forty Acres.

How to Join a TrIG

Individual colleges/schools or academic departments help coordinate TrIG enrollment. Registration for new transfer students is done at orientation.

During orientation, your college or program will discuss the TrIG enrollment process. You will also have an opportunity during orientation to discuss your TrIG options and the enrollment process when you meet with your college advisor.

Once you have been selected for a TrIG, you will be given a unique number to use during your registration time. TrIGs make registration easier. Simply enter your TrIG unique number, and all of the courses included in the TrIG will be added to your schedule.