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Expectations & Commitments

TrIG mentors enroll in either UGS 104 or UGS 104T, a one-hour credit/no credit student leadership course, for spring 2024. This training addresses the unique experiences and needs of new transfer students. Additional commitments continue throughout the fall 2024 semester.

Spring 2024

The mentor training course gives future mentors the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting transfer students as they adjust to the academic expectations at The University of Texas at Austin. Students learn methods to overcome common obstacles to academic success faced by transfer students, functional theories of student development and group dynamics, and communication and facilitation skills.

Fall 2024

Mentors must attend the August Update Meeting during the first week of classes.

Mentors will work with their facilitators to determine the appropriate balance of one-hour seminars, individual and small-group mentoring meetings, study groups, and social activities. These activities typically average three to four hours each week. Many TrIG seminars begin the first week of classes. Mentors must be available for and attend each scheduled seminar class during the fall semester. Seminar time assignments will be made during the spring mentor training course.

Mentors will be in contact with their staff facilitator to plan the TrIG seminar.

Mentors will attend a mid-semester meeting with TYE staff in October.

Mentors will submit documentation of their experience to the TrIG office at the end of the semester.

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