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Nontraditional Student (NTS) Transfer-Year Interest Groups

The fall 2024 TrIG Mentor Application is now live! The deadline to apply is Nov. 5, 2023.

As a student on a nontraditional path to a degree, you may find that you have unique needs as a new Longhorn. Whether you are an older student, have family commitments, are a veteran, or have taken extended time away from school, you may find the transition to campus challenging or even overwhelming at times. The Nontraditional Student (NTS) TrIG is designed to support you during this transition and help you reach your academic goals.

The NTS TrIG is a group of 10-15 new nontraditional students who meet once a week with an NTS peer mentor and staff facilitator throughout their first semester to discuss timely issues related to the academic transition to campus. NTS TrIG students connect with peers through their common life experiences, academic and professional interests, and Longhorn spirit. Our NTS students are highly motivated, and our mentors pull from their training and personal experience as nontraditional students to connect you with the faculty, resources, and workshops you need to make the most of your UT Austin experience.

New nontraditional students work with their college advisors to find an NTS TrIG that fits best into their course schedule.

NTS TrIG Mentors

Each TrIG is assigned a peer mentor who has successfully made the transition to campus as a nontraditional student. Your mentor is your guide, cheering section, accountability coach, and friend throughout your first college semester. Mentors lead seminars, arrange activities and events, and meet with students one-on-one or in small groups throughout the semester. Your mentor will help you with any questions or challenges that come up during your first semester on the Forty Acres.

The NTS TrIG mentor is a paid student leadership position. As a mentor, you will help nontraditional students navigate their first semester at UT Austin, gain training on campus resources and adult development, and connect with the campus community. Learn more about this opportunity:

How to Join a TrIG

Individual colleges/schools or academic departments help coordinate TrIG enrollment. Registration for new transfer students is done at Summer Orientation.

During Summer Orientation, your college or program will discuss the TrIG enrollment process. You will also have an opportunity during orientation to discuss your TrIG options, including the NTS TrIG, and the enrollment process when you meet with your college advisor.

Once you have made your selection, your advisor will give you instructions on how to register for your TrIG.