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About the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags

Our Mission: The Center for the Skills & Experience Flags (CSEF) fosters excellence in flagged courses across disciplines and supports instructors as they teach students to think critically, write cogently, engage in inquiry and discovery, examine ethical questions, and learn about cultures. The CSEF supports the Flags in the following ways:

  • Working with faculty to set and implement standards for Flag courses across the university
  • Providing faculty support and resources to encourage teaching excellence in Flag courses
  • Partnering with the Registrar, advisors, and course schedulers across campus to ensure accurate implementation of Flag courses
  • Supporting and coordinating efforts to identify and develop courses across the curriculum that satisfy the Flag requirements
  • Assessing student learning in Flag courses
  • Communicating with students from all disciplines about the purpose of the flags and how to integrate them into their degree plans

Our Vision: All undergraduates will leave UT Austin as versatile, informed, critical thinkers, prepared to be engaged citizens of the world.

Learn more about the CSEF’s purpose, governance, committees, and staff.

For questions on petitions and earning Flags, or to make an appointment students may contact the Core and Flags Student Program Coordinator at 512-232-7587. For all other inquiries please contact the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags at 512-471-5949.