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Advisors play a key role in communicating the significance of the Skills & Experience Flags to students. The Center for the Skills & Experience Flags offers support to advisors to prepare them to

  • Inform students about Flag requirements and criteria
  • Help students identify flagged courses that fit into their degree plans
  • Guide students through the Flag petition process


Courses Students May Petition for Flag Credit

  • Study abroad courses
  • In-residence courses taken for a letter grade
  • Transfer courses from other colleges or universities taken for a letter grade

Courses Not Eligible for Flag Credit

  • Dual credit courses (courses taken prior to high school graduation)
  • Credit-by-exam courses, including courses for which you received AP credit
  • Any course of less than three weeks (fewer than 21 days)
  • Pass/Fail courses
  • RHE 306 (WR flag)
  • UGS 303 (WR flag)


Please see our deadline page for more information.


To contact Core and Flags Student Program Coordinator Meaghan Anderson Forbis, please call 512-232-8407. For access to the Flag Proposal System and all other Flag-related questions, please email the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags Advising Office or call us at 512-471-5949.