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Course Schedulers

Departmental and college course schedulers play an important role in the implementation of the core curriculum and flagged courses. In addition to scheduling core courses offered within the departments, schedulers typically help their departments manage the process of getting Flags applied to their courses:

  • Notifying faculty of Flag proposal deadlines and procedures
  • Ensuring that faculty have accurate course numbers, topic numbers, and titles when they propose a course for a Flag
  • Notifying the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags (CSEF) when course numbers change or new topic numbers are created so the courses can continue to be flagged under the new numbers
  • Checking that Flags are being accurately applied as course sections are created during the original and chair’s proof phases
  • Notifying the CSEF if the department does not want an approved Flag applied to a given section in a given semester
  • Coordinate cross-listed Flags with other departments
  • Paying attention to the class size and instructor-to-student ratio of courses with Writing Flags, to ensure that they fall within the guidelines provided by the Writing Flag Committee on Class Size for Writing Flag Courses

The Flag Proposal System


  • Search and list view of approved Flags throughout the University (check for cross-listed approvals)
  • Search and view departmental Flag proposal information
  • Aid instructors by renewing instructor-level proposals. Course schedulers may submit Flag proposals, but must get written responses from the instructor or faculty contact

For authorization to the Flag proposal or our course scheduler list serve, please email us with your request and include your name, EID, school/college, and department.

Proposal Level Authorizations:

  • College Reviewer- view all proposals within a particular college
  • Department Reviewer- view all proposals within a particular department
  • Course Scheduler- view all proposals within designated fields of study and copied on correspondence regarding proposals in those fields of study


To see our upcoming Flag proposal deadlines, visit our deadline page

Flags + Course Scheduling

  • A course may only carry up to three Flags
  • One course may carry both the Cultural Diversity in the U.S. and the Global Cultures Flags, but a student may only earn credit for one Flag per course
  • Throughout course scheduling, courses should be checked for Flag accuracy. Contact us if there are any discrepancies
  • For Flags to apply to cross-listings, courses must have the appropriate relationship applied in class manager: inventory same-as, multiple sections, and scheduled same-as. Flags will not populate to room-shares
  • After Chair proof, but before publication, any changes to Flags must be sent to our office
  • After publication, any changes to Flags must be made through the Registrar via CSU

If you have questions, visit our course scheduler FAQ page. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please contact the CSEF via email or call us at 512-471-5949.