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2016 Writing Flag Award Winners

We are grateful to Texas Scholar Works at the University of Texas Libraries for publishing our award winners in an archived, searchable public database.

Creative/Reflective Category

First Place: Thomas Nguyen, writing for Dean Young’s CRW 355P, “Advanced Poetry Workshop”
Twelve Poems

Second Place: Jeremy Scroggins, writing for Lester Faigley’s E 379R class, “Travel Literature”

Third Place: Cynthia Turner, writing for Matthew Valentine’s T C 358 class,“Writing Narratives”
Dark Greens

Honorable Mention: Anna Pedersen, writing for Laura E. Saurborn’s CRW 325M class, “Creative Writing”

Honorable Mention: Sebastian Munoz, writing for Matthew Valentine’s T C 358 class, “Writing Narratives”
We Are Water

Critical/Persuasive Category

First Place: Sahara Khan, writing for Elon Lang’s CTI 350 class, “Masterworks of World Drama”
The Merchant Privileged Christian Lawyer of Venice

Second Place: Jennifer Murphy, writing for Matt Cohen’s E 350M class, “Twisted Literature”
Children of Children: The Perverse Cycle of Poverty in African-American Society

Third Place: Maria Mendez, writing for Mary Beltran’s WGS 324 class, “Latina Feminisms and Media”
Mediating Female Stories of Violence Through Film

Honorable Mention: Nathan Caldwell, writing for Neil Nehring’s E 343L class, “Modernism and Literature”
The New Spectacle: Reading Situationists in David Foster Wallace

Honorable Mention: Delia Davis, writing for Carol MacKay’s E 349S course, “Charles Dickens”
Just Who Is the Orphan Boy? Or, How Jo Brought Empathy Back into the Middle Class

Research Category

First Place: Chloe Nguyen, writing for Arturo De Lozanne’s UGS 303 class, “Originality in the Arts and Sciences”
Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night

Second Place: Katherine Rickert, writing for Julie Hardwick’s HIS 350L class, “Law and Society in Early Modern Europe”
Choosing Death: Suicide and the 18th-century English State

Third Place: Cara Anderson, writing for Jennifer Jones’s BIO 325L class, “Lab Experience in Genetics”
The Genetics of Type II Diabetes and Genetically Modified Organism Technology for Insulin

Honorable Mention: Clare Moore, writing for Mia Carter’s # 344L class, “Representations of Childhood and Adolescence in Literature and Film”
Hell is a Teenage Girl

Honorable Mention: James Pauloski, writing for D. Alex Walthall’s UGS 302 class, “Who Owns the Past?”
The Cultural Offensive Against ISIS

Honorable Mention: Marissa Kessenich, writing for Ruramisai Charumbira’s HIS 350L class, “Becoming African: Europeans in Southern African History”
Becoming African: Europeans in Southern African History

To view the judging and award guidelines for the current cycle of the awards, please see the WR Flag award home page.