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2017 Writing Flag Award Winners

We are grateful to Texas Scholar Works at the University of Texas Libraries for publishing our award winners in an archived, searchable public database.

Creative/Reflective Category

First Place: Carl Bernicker, writing for Matt Valentine’s T C 358 class, “Writing Narratives”
Zen and the Art of Fly Fishing is taken but if it weren’t that would be my title

Second Place: Madeline Buschang. writing for Matthew Valentine’s T C 358 class, “Writing Narratives”
Deck the Halls

Third Place: Kensey Kirby, writing for Greg Curtis’s LAH 350 class, “Writing Non-Fiction”
The Peak

Honorable Mention: Che, writing for Kathleen Stewart’s ANT 325L class, “Ethnography of Emotion”
Why Can’t I Cry

Collaborative Category

First Place: Shivani Shah and Henykumari Patel, writing for D’Arcy Randall ‘s CHE 333T course, “Engineering Communication”
Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak from 2013-2015

Second Place: J Aditi Kulkarni, John Gonzalez, and Tianbao Zhu, writing for Laura Gonzalez’s UGS 303 course, “Scientific Inquiry: Innovation”
Triclosan vs. Sodium Fluoride: Which is More Effective at Killing Streptococcus mutans?

Third Place: Clayton Lawrence, Thomas Nguyen, Mitchell Tomazin, and Norberto Martinez, writing for Brandi DeMont ‘s ASE 333T class, “Engineering Communication”
The Grand Challenge of Carbon Sequestration

Critical/Persuasive Category

First Place: Jacob Springer, writing for Julie Casey’s LAH 305 class, “Reacting to the Past”
Memorial Two: Cracking Corruption

Second Place: Joshua Graham, writing for Jeffrey C. Leon’s PHL 321K class, “Theory of Knowledge”
An Enquiry Concerning Humean Understanding: A Criticism of Hume’s Conception of Causal Events

Third Place: Prerna Sachdeva, writing for David Kornhaber’s E 343L class, “Modernism and Literature”
Constructing Truth in “The Waste Land

Honorable Mention: Mae McConley, writing for Jaimie Gunderson’s CTI 304 class, “The Bible and Its Interpreters”
The Character of Eve and Interpretive Misconceptions

Research Category

First Place: Christopher Layden, writing for Adam Rabinowitz’s UGS 302 class, “Tales of the Trojan War”
Attitudes Towards Aeneas in Roman Asia Minor

Second Place: Haley Armbruster, writing for Patricia Roberts-Miller’s RHE 330D class, “Rhetoric of Racism”
James Sakamoto and Japanese Internment on American Soil

Third Place: Sylvia Feghali, writing for Jonathan Lowell’s URB 315 class, “Urban Studies”
Connectivity and Community: A Study of Transit in Pflugerville

Honorable Mention: Nathan Caldwell, writing for B. Duncan Moench’s AMS 311S class, “Left and Right in America”
Socialist Individualism? The Prospects of Social Democracy in the United States

Honorable Mention: Claire Culbertson, writing for Katherine Bruner’s BIO 325L class, “Lab Experience in Genetics”
Genetic Factors contributing to the Susceptibility of Development of Prion Diseases