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2019 Writing Flag Award Winners

Due to the closure of campus in spring 2020, we were unable to host our usual awards ceremony. We hope that 2019 award winners who are still in Austin next year will be able to join us at the ceremony in spring 2021, so we may recognize their work then.

We are grateful to Texas Scholar Works at the University of Texas Libraries for publishing our award winners in an archived, searchable public database.

Critical/Persuasive Category

First Place: Pia Sen, writing for Traci-Ann Wint’s WGS 301 class, “Introduction to Black Women’s Studies”
The Transitional Consequences of Antiblack Racism and Settler Colonialism on Black Women: From Turtle Island to the Jawara Tribe

Second Place: Jerry Yang, writing for Curran Nault’s WGS 335 class, “Queer Media Studies”
Just a Preference

Third Place: Mae McConley, writing for Carol MacKay’s E 349S class, “The Brontës”
A Unified Spirit: Reincarnating Carl Jung’s Syzygy in Wuthering Heights

Honorable Mention: Emily Ford, writing for Alice Batt’s RHE 368C class, “Writing Center Internship”
Disability and Technology in the Writing Center

Honorable Mention: Emma Brunk, writing for Julie Casey’s LAH 305 class, “Reacting to the Past”
Pass the Reconciliation Agreement

Research: Humanities Category

First Place: Cole Chism, writing for Bryan Jones’s GOV 370L course, “The Politics of Voter Suppression”
Predicting the Effects of Ex-Felon Enfranchisement on the 2020 Presidential Election in Florida

Second Place: Bailey McDonald, writing for Abena Dove Agyepoma Osseo-Asare’s HIS 350 L course, “African Travel Narratives”
The Roads of Ethiopia: Italian Occupation and Mengistu’s Regime

Third Place: Dea Sala, writing for Julia Guernsey’s ARH 375 course, “Theories and Methods in the History of Art”
Ottoman Baroque: A New Look for a New World

Honorable Mention: Orlando Beckum, writing for Bryan Jones’s GOV 370L course, “The Politics of Voter Suppression”
Inaccessible Amenities: The Effects of Gentrification on Voter Suppression in Austin

Research: Lab Category

First Place: Darius Zinolabedini and Nikhil Arora, writing for Caitlin McClune’s CHE 333T course, “Engineering Communication”
The Ethical Implications of the 2018 Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal

Second Place: Matthew Yu and Amad Ahbab. writing for D’Arcy Randall’s CHE course, “Engineering Communication”
An Inquiry into How Company Culture Influenced the Volkswagen 2015 Emissions Scandal

Third Place: Weatherly Sawyer, writing for Kay McMurry’s BIO 208L course, “Field Biology”
Effect of Solenopsis Invicta Presence on Species Diversity of Ground-Dwelling Arthropods at Brackenridge Field Laboratory

Honorable Mention: Cameron Keller, writing for D’Arcy Randall’s CHE course, “Engineering Communication”
ExxonMobil’s Toxic Torrance Refinery Failure, 2015

Creative/Reflective Category

First Place: Entry withdrawn by author

Second Place: Kati Chen, writing for Matthew Valentine’s T C 358 course, “Writing Narratives”

Third Place: Kathryn McCullough, writing for Brady Nash’s EDC 370E course, “Language Arts Methods”
The Secrets I am Ashamed Of

Honorable Mention: Finn Chlebowski, writing for Leah Yacknin-Dawson’s CRW 325F course, “Fiction Writing”
Hard Candy