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2021 Writing Flag Award Winners

Thank you to Texas ScholarWorks at the University of Texas Libraries, for publishing our award winners in an archived, searchable public database.

Creative/Reflective Category

First Place: Rosie Khan, writing for Matt Valentine’s class, “Writing Narratives”
A Case for Holding On

Second Place: Livian Green, writing for Oscar Casares’ Creative Writing class, “The Personal Essay”

Third Place: Jose Ponce, writing for Matt Valentine’s class, “Writing Narratives”
The Gift of the Sapodilla Trees

Honorable Mention: Aoife Mcdonnell, writing for Matt Valentine’s class, “Writing Narratives”
“A Holy Show”

Honorable Mention: Caren Sausmikat, writing for Rob Colgate’s class, “Poetry Writing”
I am

Critical/Persuasive Category

First Place: Grace Xu, writing for Bryan Norwood’s class, “The Industrial Revolution to the Present”
The Contradictions of Containing the Infinite in the Fun Palace

Second Place: Madison Lindsey, writing for Julie Casey’s class, “Reacting to the Past”
In Defense of Irregular Succession

Third Place: Cara Charpentier, writing for Carol MacKay’s class, “Plan II World Literature”
A Notion of Song and Destroying the Single Story

Honorable Mention: Karen Yao, writing for Amy Sanders’ Signature Course, “The Surveillance State”
Pandemic Surveillance

Honorable Mention: Allison Howells, writing for Eric Mallin’s class, “Shakespeare and Marlowe”
Female Power in Titus Andronicus

Honorable Mention: Landon Johnson, writing for Siddhartha Chatterjee’s course, “Computer Organization and Architecture”
What is a System

Honorable Mention: Pahul Ghumman, writing for Arturo De Lozanne’s Signature Course, “Originality in the Arts and Sciences”
Eastern Artistic Expression Under A Western Shadow

Research – Lab Category

First Place: Rio Esquivel, writing for Katie Bruner’s class, “Lab Experience in Genetics”
Adeno-Associated Viral Vector Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis: The Problems and Possible Solutions

Second Place: Rory Gaudette, writing for Helen Schneider’s class, “Econometrics”
The Effects of Race on State Infant Mortality Rates

Third Place: Jonathan Wilson, writing for Katie Bruner’s class, “Lab Experience In Genetics”
Covid-19 Severity Linked to SLC6A20 Gene Located on Locus 3p21.21

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Gilbertson, writing for Jacqueline Woolley’s class, “Fantasy and Reality”
The Impact of Control on Superstition in Adulthood

Honorable Mention: Grace Huang, writing for Hal Alper’s Signature Course, “Engineering Biology”
Viruses as Tools in Human Medicine

Honorable Mention: Eshwar Karupakula, writing for Katherine Bruner’s class, “Laboratory Experience in Genetics”
The Relationship Between Hypermethylation of the TRPA1 Promoter and Nociceptive Pain in Chronic Pain Conditions

Honorable Mention: Aniruddh Thakur, writing Helen Schneider’s class, “Introduction to Econometrics”
The Effect of Government Military Spending on Foreign Direct Investment

Research – Humanities Category

First Place: Andrew Wang, writing for Adam Rabinowitz’s Signature Course, “Tales of the Trojan War”
Surrendering Death to Pain: Comparing Mortal Theomachy in the Iliad and Near Eastern Religions

Second Place: Hayden Juroska, writing for Astrid Runggaldier’s class, “Architecture and Sculpture in the Maya World”
Dragons in the Sky: The Maya Cosmos, Place, and Power as Expressed Through Skybands

Third Place: Sophie Wilczynski, writing for Haley Eazor’s class, “Rhetoric of the Female Villain”
Freaky Bitches Fight Back: Reconsidering Phallo-Mimetic Mechanics of Resistance in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Honorable Mention: Nicholas Pierce, writing for Julie Hardwick’s class, “Thinking Like a Historian”
The Emptying of the Plains: The Comanche and Kalmyk Nomads in the Shadow of Empire

Honorable Mention: Noor Iqbal, writing for Jose Izaguirre’s class, “Principles of Rhetoric”
This Movement is Not For Us: the Appropriation and Misapplication of Black Feminist Voices

Honorable Mention: Maya Vemulapalli, writing for Judson Barber’s American Studies class, “Film as Cultural Document”
“Teen Melodrama & the Romanticization of Mental Illness in Modern Television”

Honorable Mention: Rhys Wynn Wilkinson, writing for Lito Porto’s Signature Course, “Process Ecology across Lifeforms, Disciplines, and Dimensions”
The Exergy Flows of Siena: Lorenzetti’s Allegories as Ecosystems

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