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2022 Writing Flag Award Winners

Thank you to Texas ScholarWorks at the University of Texas Libraries, for publishing our award winners in an archived, searchable public database.

Creative/Reflective Category

First Place: Faruqi Hiba, writing for Sam Allan’s class, “Women, Gender, Literature, and Culture”
Angry Girl

Second Place: Sara Armendariz, writing for Matt Valentine’s class, “Writing Narratives”
Yerba Mate

Third Place: Emily Zhang, writing for Kirk Lynn’s class, “Playing and Writing”
The Productivity Trap

Honorable Mention: Adriana Adame, writing for Haley Eazor’s class, “Reading Poetry: Ecopoetry and Environmental Imaginings”
My Name Is Adriana

Critical/Persuasive Category

First Place: Lee Norfleet, writing for Paul Bonin-Rodriguez’s class, “Trans Identities and/as Performance”
The Effects of Medicalizing Gender: How Western Transmedicalist Rhetoric Contributes to the Oppression of Transgender People and Other Minority Groups

Second Place: Sally Parampottil, writing for Daniel Birkholz’s class, “JRR Tolkien”
A Not-So-Clear-Cut Sense of Morality: Analyzing Envy, Greed, and Thorin Oakenshield’s Antagonism

Third Place: Joseph Adkins, writing for Kirk Lynn’s class, “Playing and Writing”
Killing Fake People for Real Fun

Honorable Mention: Austin Gardner, writing for Elon Lang’s class, “Reacting to the Past”
Modernization Not Radicalization

Honorable Mention: Breigh Plat, writing for Dr. Carol MacKay’s class, “Women in World Literature”
The Slut You Are: West, Kincaid, and Sexton on Subaltern Sexuality

Honorable Mention: Sofi Udawala, writing for Dr. Keith Livers’s class, “Intro to Russian Literature”
The Feminine, the Pure, and the Resurrection: The Role of Water in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Honorable Mention: Caleb Burleson, writing for Kelvin Phan’s class, “Athletic Training Program Administration”
Therapeutic Interventions for Patients Lacking Medical Insurance: An Ethical Case Study

Research – Lab Category

First Place: Elissaveta Angelow, writing for Adreana Haley’s class, “Mental Illness and the Brain”
Transcranial direct current stimulation for treatment of anorexia nervosa: A randomized control trial

Second Place: Rupin Sachin Vaidya, Quentin C. Schuelke, and Serena Shah, writing for Dr. D’Arcy Randall’s class, “Engineering Communications”
Nordhavn [nord-hown]: Denmark’s Most Sustainable Modern Housing Development

Third Place: Samantha Mijares, writing for Charles Holahan’s class, “Honors Research II”
Perceived Vulnerability to Disease and Sexual Satisfaction for Men and Women in Committed Romantic Relationships

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Friday, writing for Erin Hudson’s class, “Issues in Nutrition and Health”
Iron Deficiency as A Flag for the Female Athlete Triad

Honorable Mention: Madison Callan, writing for Bayani Cardenas’s class, “Groundwater Hydrology”
Potential Impacts of Subsurface Hydrogen Storage on Groundwater

Research – Humanities Category

First Place: Erica Enriquez, writing for Vladislav Beronja’s class, “Punks/Divas in SE Europe”
Autobalkanism as a Source of Cultural Empowerment

Second Place: Hayden Juroska, writing for Michael Charlesworth’s class, “Theories and Methods in the History of Art”
Collecting Ancestors: Hoa Hakananai’a in Exile

Third Place: Daisy Killian, writing for Madeline Hsu’s class, “Capstone in History”
Disappearing Old Chinatown

Honorable Mention: Isabel Herrera, writing for Louis Waldman’s class, “Art and Social Justice”
The Paradox of the Mexican-American Border: Being Stuck in the Middle of a Unity Where Coexistence Refuses to Exist

Honorable Mention: Lila Katz, writing for Dr. Samantha Pickette’s class, “Jewish-American Literature and Culture”
Jewish-American Literature As A Window To Jewish Identity

Honorable Mention: Nhi Pham, writing for Justin Power’s class, “Intro to Digital Studies”
The Educational Implications of Chronic Illness in Children: A Study of Parents’ Perspectives

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