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The Academy of Undergraduate Researchers Across Texas (AURA-Texas) is a collaboration between UT’s Office of Undergraduate Research and the LAUNCH office at Texas A&M University. AURA-Texas gives exceptional student researchers the chance to network with counterparts at another institution, attend professional development workshops, and showcase the ways in which their research serves the state of Texas.

Students are chosen for the AURA-Texas program based on the impact of their research—for example, by helping people who stutter or ensuring food security for the community—as well as their ability to communicate their work to a general audience. In communicating their projects to new audiences (at internal research events at both A&M and UT, and at external outreach events), students are pushed to consider their work from new points of view as they advocate for the role of students in the research mission of the university.

UT’s past AURA-Texas students have been selected from participants in the Texas Student Research Showdown and the Student Research Ambassadors program. Interested students are encouraged to submit an application, or email us for more information about becoming a member of AURA-Texas.