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Sometimes you may feel like you are the only student with a dependent on campus or in your classes, but you are not alone. Learn from Longhorns who have been in your shoes and get connected with additional resources and organizations for students with dependents.

Student Stories

The student stories highlight words of wisdom from current and past students with dependents.

Tips for Success

Experienced Longhorn students with dependents want you to know the following tips for success:

  • Connect with other students with dependents. They know, better than anyone, what you’re going through and can help you answer questions and navigate through school and parenting.
  • Have fun! You belong at UT like every other student. Just because your journey looks a little different doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of an amazing college experience.
  • Talk about your difficulties and ask for help. You will be surprised at how willing Longhorns are to help you. If they can’t help, they can help find someone who can.
  • Schedule quiet study and homework hours into your day; during daycare, your child’s school hours, or when your partner/support system can care for your child.
  • Go to your professor’s office hours! Most professors are parents, understand, and want to support you, so make use of getting to know them.
  • Get to know your advisor and familiarize them with your family situation. They are educated on registration and are the best people to help you with scheduling classes around child care.
  • Take advantage of the incredible resources available to you at UT.
  • Be kind to yourself; you are doing something incredibly admirable and challenging!

Get Involved

Connect with UT Austin’s Student Parent Organization to meet other current students with dependents. Student Parent Organization is a community for UT Austin students with dependents. SPO’s mission is to provide support, resources, and advocacy for student parents balancing academic and family life. You can get in touch with the Student Parent Organization by filling out their membership interest survey.

Join the UT Austin listserv for students with dependents to get connected with more resources and events throughout the year.