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Propose a Flag

The Center for the Skills & Experience Flags offers a variety of resources to assist instructors with the Flag proposal process. The proposal process helps the faculty Flag committee determine whether a course meets the criteria for that Flag. Before you begin your proposal, please review the Flag criteria and approval levels, and note that although a single course may carry up to three Flags, a separate proposal must be submitted for each Flag.

To complete your Flag proposal, you will need the following information:

  • Approval Level
  • First semester the course should be flagged
  • Course number and, if applicable, topic number
  • Course title and, if applicable, topic title
  • Instructor or faculty contact information


It is possible to save your work as a draft and return to it later if you determine you need more information. To make changes after you have submitted your proposal, contact our office at 512-471-5949 or via email.

Proposal Resources

Approval Level

Flags may be approved at either the instructor level or the course level. Please see below for the criteria of each approval level. If you have any questions about the approval level for your course flag, please contact us.

Instructor Level Approvals

  • Instructor-level approvals are attached to the course number, topic number (if applicable), and instructor EID. Instructor-level approvals are active for three years and are appropriate for courses that only meet the flag criteria when taught by particular instructors.
  • Individual instruction courses may not be flagged at the instructor level since there is no instructor EID connected with this type of course.

Course Level Approvals

  • Course-level approvals are linked to the course number and topic number (if applicable), and they apply to all sections taught under the flagged course number or topic. Course-level approvals are active indefinitely.
  • Course-level flags can be added to course numbers or numbered topics. All sections offered under this number will be automatically flagged each semester. Unnumbered topics courses require additional consideration to be flagged at the course level as all topics under that course number must meet flag criteria.
  • A department must designate a faculty contact person for a course-level flag. The faculty contact should be part of the regular departmental faculty who serves as the primary point of contact for questions about the flag proposal. In addition, the faculty contact is responsible for ensuring that all sections of the flagged course meet flag criteria.