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Teaching Resources

Flag Curriculum Specialists work collaboratively with instructors, TAs, and departments to develop best practices and pedagogical techniques for teaching Flags while tailoring these resources for specific departments or disciplines. The curriculum specialists:

  • Consult with individual faculty members and graduate student instructors about teaching in the Flag areas
  • Provide Canvas pages with Flag-related resources
  • Offer general and customized workshops for instructors and staff
  • Facilitate faculty working groups to develop flagged courses and other materials

Instructor Consultations

Curriculum specialists are available to consult with individual instructors about developing or teaching courses in each of the flag areas. Consultation topics include:

  • Developing and grading assignments for courses carrying a Writing flag.
  • Brainstorming assignment ideas for an Independent Inquiry or Quantitative Reasoning course.
  • Using peer review effectively in a Writing flag course.
  • Using case studies or other techniques for teaching students to think critically about ethical problems in a course carrying an Ethics flag.
  • Handling difficult discussions about racial or religious differences for a course carrying the Cultural Diversity or Global Cultures flag.

If you would like to speak with someone about your class, you can reach us at 512-471-5949 or via email.

Flag Instructor Canvas Pages

The Center for the Skills & Experience Flags offers online resources for instructors of Flagged courses and those interested in teaching the Flags:

Statement on Plagiarism Detection Software

The Faculty Writing Committee has produced a statement on the use and responsibilities of plagiarism detection software. To see the full statement, please visit the Statement on Plagiarism Detection Software Page.

An important part of our work involves collecting and sharing representative examples of the excellent teaching that takes place on campus, and facilitating connections between faculty members in different departments. If you have best practices you would like to share, or if you would like to be involved in a workshop or working group related to one of the Flags, please contact us.